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Meet your Body Transformation Coach!

Hey thanks for dropping by, my name is Aditya Shrivastava and I am your body transformation coach. I help people get the body they want within 12 weeks.

How I became a Body Transformation Coach

It started 9 years back, when people in my gym would usually seek my guidance in workout and diet. Feeling inspired by my body shape, I did a pro-bono coaching for a friend in the same gym and the results were outstanding within two months.

A friend of his noticed his transformation and approached me. It was my first professional coaching that give me start and this is where I am today ready to help body freaks make a difference.

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My own body transformation

12 years ago, I had a good life and happy self. But this careless happy routine put me on 126 kg weight and my health was in alarming condition.

I referred to dietitians, joined gym, and took personal training. Practically, did everything possible but nothing helped. Then I decided to take matters in my own hand.

I studied training, nutrition, supplementation, competition planning and host of other and things and realised that I was doing it all wrong. I then meticulously planned my diet, my workouts and slowly started my journey towards weight loss. It took me one year to lose about 15 kilos, then about another year to shred another 10 kilos and yet another year to get in the shape I wanted.

The lessons I learnt

  1. It’s not just workout and diet that works it’s the right workout and right diet that works.
  2. Wish I could have a genuine coach who could save my time and help me with the body transformation instead of three years I wasted.

These lessons helped me create this fine and personalised program that has helped and will help people who want a body transformation like I wanted.

Online Body Transformation Coaching with a difference?

I’ve been training for the past 20 years and in these years I have lived in various cities and trained in various gyms across India. One common theme that I observed is that people know fairly well about exercises and routine.

However they do it mostly with wrong technique and improper form.

More shockingly, they have very little knowledge or clarity about nutrition. People understand healthy food, but they do not understand effective nutrition to complement their workouts so they can achieve the physique they want.

I designed my body transformation program to focus this need.

Working with a lot of clients I realised that everybody has his or her priorities. Not everybody can work out 2 hours every day, not everybody can follow a clean diet every day. I went to design my program in such a way that it accommodate peoples lifestyle their food choice and still being able to achieve the body they want.

Where else my time goes?

If there is one thing that captures my attention beyond fitness, then its theatre. It gives me a break from my hectic routine.
Playing different characters on stage forces me to understand their persona and their emotions and drive and this in turn help me in my business, I now understand my clients better and serve them better.

A sneak peek into my routine?

My typical routine starts at about 6 in the morning with a protein shake and some almonds. I then begin with planning my day and prioritizing my tasks.
Next I work on my business and marketing and stuff I then focus on my client’ cases and their emails.
Evening time is personal time, I would either be in studio rehearsing for the next role or hanging out somewhere having fun.

Start Your Transformation

Let’s talk about you? If you’re struggling to own a body you always wanted for yourself, let’s discuss.

Whatsapp me at 9810253585 or email me at aditya@anextrarep.com

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Your body  transformation coach is your mentor, dedicated to helping you become your best self. They focus on strength, health, and tailored fitness and nutrition plans. Their goal is to enhance not just your body, but also your confidence and overall well-being, empowering you to have the body you want. 

Your transformation coach will guide you towards your body transformation goals. Be it losing fat, building strength, gaining muscle mass. Your coach will set achievable goals, track progress, and offer accountability and motivation. Your online body transformation coach will educate you on fitness, nutrition, and healthy living, promoting long-term well-being. An experienced coach will know your weakness and will push you beyond your current limits.

Life coaches assist with both personal and professional goals. They support you in developing your true self. They also help you succeed in your relationships and career. They listen and support you in creating plans to accomplish your objectives. On the other hand, a transformation coach helps clients become fit and healthy. Your transformation coach will customize your diet and exercise regimen. He will encourage you to achieve objectives, like building muscles or losing body fat. This way, you can feel and look better. Both coaches support you in growing.

It takes different time for everyone to train for body transformation. Some people might see changes in a few weeks or a couple of months if they exercise and eat healthy foods. But for big changes, like losing a lot of weight or getting much stronger, it can take many months or even a year or more.

Let me give you an example of transformational coaching. If you’re looking to transform your physique, lose fat, and build lean muscle. With body transformational coaching, we’d start by setting clear, achievable goals tailored to your needs. We’d design a workout plan that maximizes muscle growth and fat loss, incorporating proven techniques like high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and progressive overload.

Nutrition is key, so we’d develop a customized meal plan to fuel your workouts and optimize recovery. Throughout the process, I’d provide guidance, support, and motivation, ensuring you stay on track and make progress.

With dedication and the right plan, you’ll achieve the body you’ve always wanted and develop habits for lifelong health and fitness.