Cool! So now you know what all you can expect from me in this 12 week body transformation plan.

Here are few things I expect from you to make this body transformation happen

1. Online forms to be filled- these forms include basic details like your age, body weight, height, food preferences etc.

2. Monthly updates on your progress, this would include your weight, waist. This would help us in evaluating your progress and thus make necessary changes in your schedule.

3. Diet charts and workout schedules are scientifically designed keeping in mind exact caloric requirements, macronutrient distribution and workout volume. These schedules are meant to be followed as it is. We expect that you follow them at least 80% to obtain ideal results.

By making payment for body transformation program you are agreeing to a no refund policy.
Before making purchases of the program please go through the details thoroughly or email me at aditya@anextrarep.com to confirm if the program is suitable for you.


Start Your Transformation

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