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Individual case study : Shahbaz

This is an intense 12 weeks body transformation plan designed to leverage advanced nutritional strategies and specific workout routines to transform your body in 12 weeks. On the basis of your body analysis and your fitness goals, a complete nutrition plan would be provided. This would include customized diet chart. Nutrition plan would be updated one a month as per the changes in your body.

Before Weight: 98 Kg

After Weight: 92 Kg



Meet the client

Shahbaaz is 27 years old and business development executive. He is a gym enthusiast and has a drive to achieve great physique.
When we first met, he has been training for years, but following improper routines with poor technique. He had a strong built but was out of shape and his diet not optimized to suit his workouts.
He was not happy with his physique and wanted to build a lean athletic body.
That’s where we started with a detailed analysis.

Post analysis conclusion

Body type

Shahbaaz belongs to meso-endo category, his body carried good amount of muscle mass and fat, which he was finding difficult to shred. His overall strength level was good, he lacked in his cardiovascular abilities.


He has a good overall development in physique, but his body was out of shape, which clearly reflected improper workout routine and diet.


Owing to his demanding work life, his diet was improper. He had no eating schedule and would eat according to his work timings. Most of the food he was eating was coming from outside food mostly loaded from carbohydrates and fats and very little protein in the form of protein shakes.

What we did with diet

This was a great detail and analysis for me to start with and help Shahbaaz get the body he wanted. This is what I did

  • Adjusted his calories, with proper macros distribution.
  • Adjusted his meal schedules according to his workout timings and office schedule.
  • Included ready to eat/easy to carry healthy snack options.
  • Increased healthier natural protein resources to his diet.

The motivation and Reward!

Since it was a major change his routine and diet, we wanted Shahbaaz to feel happy, excited and rewarded. We added a cheat day at the end of each week where he will break free and eat food outside of his diet schedule and start next week with full vigor and strength.

We encouraged him to take photos every week, so that he can track his progress and feel motivated.

Updated Workout Routine

I designed his workout to balance the overall volume per session, intensity and frequency to help each individual body part develop to shape the desired physique.

The Lifestyle Challenge and how we addressed

Shahbaaz has a hectic routine with lots of unplanned traveling. We adjusted his workout schedule according to his office timings, included easy meals to follow.

Strength that helped us the most

Shahbaaz had a strong drive and burning desire to succeed. He wanted that physique badly and that fueled him to achieve his body transformation goals despite his otherwise hectic lifestyle.

The discipline and determination Shahbaaz had, made his goals achieve sooner than we estimated. He loved following his new diet and routine and it was no wonder at all to see the results he got.

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