Individual case study - 1 Year Body Transformation

Individual case study : Abhishek

This is an intense 1 Year body transformation program designed to leverage advanced nutritional strategies and specific workout routines to transform your body. The 12 month body transformation covers everything from diet, nutrition, supplementation, exercise and gudiance.

Before Weight: 86 Kg

After Weight: 78 Kg

1 year body transformation

Meet the client

Abhishek is 27 years old, a real estate executive and a bodybuilder from the core. He wanted to become a pro bodybuilder.
When we first met, he has been training for years, but following improper routines with poor technique. He already had a good build and was in good shape. He wanted to take it to the next level, he was a typical hard gainer and was struggling to gain muscle mass. After looking at his workout routines we observed that he was overtraining and doing too many exercises for too long.
He was not happy with his physique and wanted to place higher in his bodybuilding competitions.
That’s where we started with a detailed analysis.

Post analysis conclusion

Body type

Abhishek belongs to ecto-meso category, he was generally lean but finds it difficult to gain muscle mass.


He physique lacked development in back and thigh area, which are the major judging areas in bodybuilding competitions.


His diet was not customized to his goal, with too much protein in his diet and very little carbohydrates and fats to balance the calories.

What we did with diet

This was a great detail and analysis for me to start with and help Abhishek get the body he wanted. This is what I did

  • Increased his calories, adjusted macros to help him gain muscle mass and strength.
  • Included variety of food options to bring in variation in his otherwise monotonous diet.
  • Increased overall carbohydrates and fats in his diet.

The motivation and Reward!

Abhishek was always worried of losing shape if he goes off diet. We advised him to take a week off from his diet and workout routine and eat regular food, that recharged him. Abhishek always found it difficult to gain size. We updated his diet, changed his workout routine and cut down the overall workout volume and frequency. He found significant changes and that kept him motivated.

We encouraged him to take scans and photos every week, so that he can track his progress and feel motivated.

Updated Workout Routine

We designed his workout routine with following things in mind.

  1. Cut down the overall volume of training.
  2. Customize workout to bring up lagging body parts
  3. Balance the overall workout in terms of volume per session, intensity and frequency.

The Lifestyle Challenge and how we addressed

Abhishek has a hectic job schedule but big dreams. We included easy food options in his diet so he can carry them and eat them on the go.

Strength that helped us the most

Abhishek has strong determination and will to succeed. He has big goals that kept him motivated and keep going. He is quite disciplined in following his workout routine and diet plans.

The discipline and determination of Abhishek helped him achieve his goals.

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