Individual case study - 6 month body transformation

Individual case study : Mahesh

This is an intense 12 weeks body transformation plan designed to leverage advanced nutritional strategies and specific workout routines to transform your body in 12 weeks. On the basis of your body analysis and your fitness goals, a complete nutrition plan would be provided. This would include customized diet chart. Nutrition plan would be updated one a month as per the changes in your body.

Before Weight: 79 Kg

After Weight: 72 Kg



Meet the client

Mahesh is a 19 years young student, a business owner and true fitness buff with an impressive knowledge and learning attitude.

When we first met, he was following programs of a famous YouTuber. He has been training for almost an year and has built quite a decent physique for himself.
However, he was still not satisfied with the kind of body he desired and wanted to take it to the next level.

That’s where we started with a detailed analysis.

Post analysis conclusion

Body type

Mahesh belongs to a typical meso-endo category body that gains muscle relatively easily but makes it difficult to lose fat. Where his strength level was great, he lacked in his cardiovascular abilities which compromised his stamina. His routine was built around weight training with no focus on cardio and conditioning.


He shows up an impressive development in back area but lacks completely in chest and shoulder area. It clearly reflected an imbalanced workout routine.


The overall calories intake was less and bad in proportion. With 40-45% calories coming from protein and another 40-45% from carbohydrates, he completely ignored fat. Surprisingly, we do need to have proper intake of fat to lose fat.

Why we need fat in body

Mahesh was relying too much on the supplements with half of them being unnecessary. We decided to cut down his supplement intake and cost both.

What we did with diet

This was a great detail and analysis for me to start with and help Mahesh get the body he wanted. This is what I did:

  • Increased the calories intake with major changes in macros distribution
  • Added more fats to his diet
  • Reduced the intake of protein shakes
  • Increased healthier natural protein resources to his diet

The motivation and Reward!

Since it was a major change his routine and diet, we wanted Mahesh to feel happy, excited and rewarded. We added a cheat day at the end of each week where he will break free and eat food outside of his diet schedule and start next week with full vigor and strength.

Updated Workout Routine

I designed his workout to balance the overall volume per session, intensity and frequency to help each individual body part develop to shape the desired physique.

We included separate cardio days leveraging the features of all three variants hiit, miit and liss.

The Lifestyle Challenge and how we addressed

Mahesh loves daily workout. It was difficult to convince him to take a day off. We pushed an active recovery day with a small abs workout on this day to make him happy.

Strength that helped us the most

The disciple and determination Mahesh had made his goals achieve sooner than we estimated. He loved following his new diet and routine and it was no wonder at all to see the results he got.

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