Body Recomposition Program

body recomposition

What is Body Recomposition Program

  1. Body recomposition program by AnExtrarep is your ultimate recomposition program. This program will help you change your body composition by

    1. Losing Body Fat %
    2. Gaining Lean Muscle Mass
    3. Gaining Strength and improving Lifts
    4. Improve natural hormone levels of testosterone, growth hormones


    Get Ready for an Epic Body recomposition!

How Body Recomposition Program Works

The body recomposition program is a customized program, tailored specifically to your needs.

We start with your why?


  1. You want body recomposition to get lean and abs
  2. You want to go for a photoshoot
  3. You want to prepare for competition or
  4. You have been working for a long time and now you want to take your physique to the next level

Once we understand your goal and timelines we plan for your body recomposition. 

Body Recomposition Analysis

Blood work

With the help of proper tests we figure out the level of natural hormones in your body. The level of crucial vitamins and minerals and important markers like cholesterol, liver, kidney, thyroid and immune system. Once we have a hold of your internal body chemistry, we can decide whether you are ready for a recomposition or not.

Body type

Your history and your body tendency says a lot about the future. A complete body type analysis will help us customize optimum diet, workouts, cardio and physical activity to achieve a perfect body recomposition

Strength and Cardiovascular abilities

Your lifting experience, overall strength and cardiovascular fitness help us decide the level of program for you. The body recomposition program is designed to match your current fitness level and we keep the program just a little bit challenging so you keep getting faster results

Body Recomposition Diet

Successful body recomposition requires compliance. People who follow our program 90% get outstanding results. We keep special focus on your food preferences rather than a chicken and broccoli diet. This allows you to follow the meals easily and stick to the recomposition program for the next 3 to 6 months

Body Recomposition program to match your Lifestyle

We coach people from all walks of life, whether they are entrepreneurs, sales professionals, doctors, bankers etc. each person has a different lifestyle and different work routine. We customize the recomposition program to suit your lifestyle. The goal is to have a sustainable recomposition and not a one time achievement.

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Body Recomposition Program : Abhishek won National Championship

body recomposition workout plan pdf

Body Recomposition Diet

Recomposition Nutrition

Nutrition plays a key role in your body recomposition. Your nutrition plan is designed in detail with calories and macro targets. Personalized nutrition plans help you lose fat, build muscle, maintain stamina levels and suit your routine and food preferences.

Supplement for Body Recomposition

While you can do a complete body recomposition without supplements, adding specific body recomposition supplements give you the edge, they help you train harder, recover faster and get faster results. We suggest the optional supplements that can help you in your body recomposition journey.

Body Recomposition Workout Plan

Your body recomposition workout plan is designed with the goal to help you gain strength, improve posture, lose body fat and change your physique. 

We customize your recomposition workout plans according to your goals and keep special focus to balance any lagging body part.

Body Recomposition Before and After : Mahesh Got the body of his dreams


Mahesh started lifting weights at a very young age. He was passionate about bodybuilding but struggled to change his physique because of lack of professional guidance. We put him on AnExtrarep’s Body Recomposition Program and did a complete recomposition of his physique in just 6 months.

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3 Month Body Recomposition Shahbaaz got strong and Muscular

body recomposition before and after

Shahbaz is a legal advisor and has a busy routine. He has been very passionate about bodybuilding and has been lifting weights for a very long time. However, he has never been able to achieve that Top Level physique. Shahbaz joined AnExtraRep’s body recomposition program and started dropping body fat immediately. He lost a whopping 18 kgs in the next few months and “I saw my abs for the first time in life”. 

Body Recomposition Results– Yash Got modeling assignments

How Can I Join Body Recomposition Plan

Joining Body recomposition plan is very simple. All you need is to share your details like

  1. Name
  2. Email address
  3. WhatsApp contact number
  4. Your Goal

and Hit Let’s Do This! We will review your application and contact you with further details.

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Let’s talk about you? If you’re struggling to own a body you always wanted for yourself, let’s discuss.

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Body recomposition before and after : Randhir Got Abs

body recomposition program

Randir is a senior fitness professional. He has been training for more than 10 years and has got a good structure. When we met him, he said, I am able to lose weight, or gain muscle and strength but I am not able to do a complete body recomposition. He joined AnExtraRep’s body recomposition program and in the next 12 weeks he dropped over 14% body fat to have a ripped physique

Body Recomposition results

Body recomposition program free

Neeraj owns a fitness club and has been working out on and off. He has worked hard in the past but he was not able to get in the best shape. This demotivated him. His challenge was his diet. 

We put him in AnExtraRep body recomposition program. In this program he gained muscle mass and strength and lost a significant amount of body fat. 

His photos reflect his hard work and discipline!

Body Recomposition at Home: Rohit Gots Abs for the first time in his life

body recomposition program

6 month body recomposition : Shrey lost 40 kgs

Shrey is an investment banker and is a true prodigy. However, due to his extreme lifestyle and poor food choices he had put on a lot of weight.

When he joined us he was already 128 kg and has never exercised before in his life. 

The next 6 months became a life changing journey for Shrey. He lost over 40 kgs and 25% body fat. With hardwork, determination and smart coaching he achieved a lean, aesthetic physique

Body recomposition program pdf free

Best Body Recomposition program Results

Body recomposition 1 year is a program specially created for athletes. People who want to get on stage or want to get into fitness modeling.

This program is for experienced lifters and demands a lot of commitment. However, the results are equally amazing.

body recomposition calculator

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Body Transformation Program : Your Questions

How long does it take for your body to recomposition?

With a recomposition diet and workout schedule you can drop 1-2% body fat every month. You can expect to do a complete body recomposition in 3 to 6 months. 

What is the best workout for body recomp?

Body recomp workout include compound lifts to build muscle and strength. We also include isolation and accessory exercises for a complete body recomposition. 

Is 3 months enough for body recomposition?

Yes, with AnExtraRep’s Body Recomposition program, you can drop 6-8% body fat in 3 months and a complete body recomposition.

How many days a week should I workout for body recomposition?

Ideally you should train 4 to 5 days a week for body recomposition. This allows you to train all your body parts at least once a week. It also gives enough time for you body to rest, recover and grow!

What to eat in body Recomp?

For body recomp you want to increase lean body mass and lose body fat simultaneously.

For this you would need to consume a high protein diet, with moderate fats and sufficient carbs to fuel your workouts and recover. 

Some good foods are – chicken, fish, eggs, lean meat, oats, brown rice, yams, nuts, avocados, green vegetables and seasonal fruits.

Where can I find my body recomposition workout plans?

Your workout routine would be updated on the mobile app. You can download and take print of your body recomposition workout plan pdf file.

How Can I access the body recomposition calculator?

Your body recomposition calculator will be available on the mobile app. You can enter your details like, height, weight, body fat % and rate of fat loss or muscle gain. The app will calculate details and update your calories and macros.

What are the signs of body recomposition?

These are the signs of body recomposition

  1. Visual – you will appear leaner and muscular
  2. Strength – you will get stronger and your lifts will improve
  3. Clothes Fitting – You’d be able to fit in your old clothes
  4. Compliments – You’d start receiving compliments from friends and families, sometimes even strangers!

What do you include in the Workout plan for body recomposition ?

Your workout plan for body recomposition includes resistance training exercises to promote muscle growth.

Your workout plan will include targeted high intensity interval training to induce fat loss.

Your workouts would be focused on muscle building and we will use your diet and cardiovascular activities to lose body gain and get lean. The workout plans are custom made according to your goals, current fitness levels, available time and resources. 

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Let’s talk about you? If you’re struggling to own a body you always wanted for yourself, let’s discuss.

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