Body Transformation Female

Body Transformation Female is a program created specifically for females. This program is created to give you a curvy, sexy, and muscular appearance in the most lean, feminine way.

Most women don’t want bigger biceps or fuller chest. What women want is nice curves and a strong round butt. By logic women should train differently from men.

Women should focus on exercises that help them achieve their goals not men’s goals.


What’s wrong with fat loss and why women should stay away from fat loss and focus on transformation?

A lot of women lose weight by cutting out food. Weight loss certainly helps them look good in cloth on.
But things go bad when they strip down to bikini or take personal photos. Most common observations are sagging belly, chubby and shapeless thighs. Flat glutes not to mention the fat at the bottom and side of hips. Who would want to diet hard for this body?

Most women are clueless when they start their journey

Women go to gym with the goal to look better. But they lack any commitment or direction. They have no clue how to start, where to go. But as they progress and get some results their goals become more clear.
Eventually they want to get in shape, lose weight, gain confidence, grew stronger, and look good in bikini.
Body transformation female is not just about physique, its about your confidence and emotions as well.

12 week body transformation female

12 week body transformation female program is designed for complete female transformation. In this program, female client can expect to lose 8-12% body fat, gain lean muscle mass, and complete body transformation.

4-week body transformation female

4 week body transformation female plan is a short plan. This plan is created for females who are looking for rapid fat loss or prepare for a photoshoot.

How female body transformation plan is different

Female body transformation plans are made keeping in mind female goals. Like losing body fat, gaining muscle, and maintaining a strong, curvy, and feminine look.

The Basics of Female Transformation Program


body transformation female

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