1 Month Body Transformation Program

Price: ₹ 1099


Workout & Diet Plan are made as per your Requirements-

Plans are made as per your fat loss and muscle building goals and your current lifestyle and eating preferences.

How to get the best results

Read my article on setting up your fat loss journey.

To get the best results

  1. Follow the workout plan as it is.
  2. Log your daily diet using Myfitnesspal or cronometer.
  3. If stuck ask for help.
  4. Try to keep the workout timings same everyday.

You can reach out to me at


or aditya@anextrarep.com


You can expect to lose fat and gain muscle and strength while following this Plan.

For Fat loss Plans, you can expect to lose 3-4 kgs in a month.

For muscle building Plans, you can expect to gain 2-3 kgs in a month.

It takes about 4 to 5 days for your body to respond to the new diet. You can start seeing results after 1st week.

Still Confused?

If you still have a question that you want me to answer personally then e-mail me at aditya@anextrarep.com

I’ll be happy to answer your queries.

Start Your Transformation

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