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Hey there! thanks for Stopping by, my name is Aditya Shrivastava and I am your online Nutrition and Fitness Coach. I help people get lose fat, build muscle and get in shape with fitness coaching programs.

I am certified Fitness Trainer with I.S.S.A (International Sports Science Association, U.S.A) and a Sports Nutritionist. I have invested over 2 decades of my life studying, researching, applying, experimenting every single aspect of Diet, Nutrition, Supplementation for Fat Loss, Muscle gain, Strength gains, and fitness coaching!

I have been fitness coaching and training people, helping them achieve their best possible shape for more than a decade.

fitness coaching

What is fitness coaching

  1. Fitness coaching helps you identify your goals and define a vision for your body and fitness level.
  2. It helps you understand food, exercise and its effect on your body and shape.
  3. It helps you get more energy, focus and become more productive in overall life.
  4. Fitness coaching works with your fitness goals. Whether it is weight loss, getting abs, shaping your body or muscle building.
  5. Fitness coaching helps you understand core and timeless concepts of nutrition and exercise. You can get results and maintain your body even after getting in shape. Once you understand how things work, you can take charge of your own fitness. This is a lifetime asset!
  6. Your fitness coach will help you find the right balance between fitness and your lifestyle. You don’t need to exercise 2 hours a day and eat 6 meals to stay in shape.
  7. You will learn how to exercise more effectively and get faster results

How does fitness coaching work?

Let’s get into the details of how fitness coaching works and what you can expect. Fitness coaching begins within a specific, structured format. Ultimately Your coach will work with you and give you a personalised action plan. Fitness coaching works on 4 pillars

    1. Vision
    2. Goal
    3. Action Plan
    4. Support and Motivation


We start with your reasons first.  

Why do you want to get fit? 

What is it that is driving you to join a fitness coaching program?

What does fitness means to you? How do you want to look like?

Next, we will discuss your challenges in getting fit.


Once we understand your vision. We start planning your goals. We will set challenging yet achievable goals. At AnExtraRep fitness coaching, we set measurable goals. So you can see a clear difference in your fitness levels and physical appearance.

Action Plan

Now that we have a clear goal, your fitness coach will provide you with an action plan. This includes your diet plan, workout plan, and the resources needed to achieve your goals. Your action plan will also take care of any potential obstacles along your fitness journey.

Support & Motivation

You are not alone in this journey. Your fitness coach is there to support you at each step. Your fitness coach will also help you stay motivated and will monitor your progress. This ensures that you are not stuck at any point and gets faster results.

Should you consider working with a fitness coach

Anyone who wants to build a better body tomorrow than today should consider hiring a fitness coach. If you want more energy, more stamina, more productivity, freedom from chronic pain and higher fitness levels you should join fitness coaching.

Fitness coaching clients are people who want more in life. They have higher goals, they want to look better. They want to be better in their life. These people understand that there is a gap between their current fitness level and the level where they want to reach. They understand that a professional fitness coach can take them to that level.

The fitness coaching clients could be from any walk of life. they are business leaders, corporate executives, sales professionals, homemakers, budding entrepreneurs.

Here are the signs that you need a fitness coach

  1. You are not able to overcome unhealthy habits of overeating, over drinking.
  2. You negatively self-talk yourself
  3. You’ve tried diet and workout plans before and failed.
  4. You’re overwhelmed with so much information and confused about what is right what is wrong
  5. You doubt yourself, that you can look as good as you want

Fitness coaching app

At AnExtraRep we are using the world’s number 1 fitness coaching app, Trainerize. All our training plans and Nutrition plans are custom-made and delivered via Trainerize.

What is Fitness coaching online?

AnExtraRep fitness coaching online program is offers


  1. phone consultation
  2. Whatsapp support
  3. mobile app support 
  4. weekly progress review, analysis and  
  5. goal settings

Fitness and nutrition coaching Plans

At Anextrarep we provide both fitness and nutrition coaching. 

Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition coaching starts with an understanding of food and its impact on your body and performance. We help you understand how to choose food items to help you plan your diet for the best results and performance.

Fitness coaching courses duration

AnExtraRep fitness coaching courses are usually 6 months to 1 year in duration. In this time frame where you can expect to see a complete physique transformation. There will be significant changes in your habits, lifestyle and your overall health.


Online fitness coaching packages

We have two different Online Fitness Coaching packages. One is the monthly fitness coaching package and the Second is 3 months fitness coaching package. Please contact us using the form for more details.


What is fitness mindset coaching

At AnExtaRep we believe that fitness mindset coaching is as important as nutrition coaching or exercise coaching.

When you have the right fitness mindset, you can set your goals better, have better expectations and achieve results faster despite having a hectic schedule and better life.

Our fitness coach helps you develop this right fitness mindset.


How to find best online fitness coaching programs

If you are looking for the best online fitness coaching program, you need to keep in mind a few things:

  1. Communication – most coaching programs are app-based and automated and don’t offer regular coach communication. At Anextrarep, we offer one-to-one communication with our coaches.
  2. Proven track record – your coach should have a proven track record of training and coaching clients. Check for the previous testimonials and experience of the coach



What can I expect from a fitness coach course?

When you join a fitness coach course, you can expect the following

Workouts – understanding of exercises and how to improve your strength and fitness levels

Nutrition – how to understand the impact of food on your physique, performance and overall health

Fitness coaching – handling major blocks in your routine/lifestyle that are stopping you from getting fit and in shape


What can I expect from a fitness coach course?

When you join a fitness coach course, you can expect the following

Workouts – understanding of exercises and how to improve your strength and fitness levels

Nutrition – how to understand the impact of food on your physique, performance and overall health

Fitness coaching – handling major blocks in your routine/lifestyle that are stopping you from getting fit and in shape


Fitness coaching certification for upcoming trainers

Some of the best fitness coaching certifications are  I.S.S.A, A.C.E, NASM

Fitness coaching myths

Once you understand what a fitness coach can do and what a fitness coach does not do. Let’s understand some of the common misconceptions around fitness coaching.

1. Anyone can be a fitness coach

This is not the case. Being a great coach requires a lot of things. 

  1. A fitness coach should have a solid grasp of the concept of nutrition and training. 
  2. The fitness coach should be a good listener. Understanding your challenges and concerns gives a fitness coach the tools to customize your program to give you better results. 
  3. Fitness coaches are experienced coaches. They understand your individual challenges and address them. 
  4. Fitness coaching is very different from a fitness trainer. while a trainer’s job is done at the end of the session. Fitness coaching goes deeper and helps you build the habits and routine to a lifetime fit body.

An Anextarep fitness coaching, we have coaches who have achieved great results in their personal fitness. They are experienced and trained to transform your fitness.

2. Fitness coaches are not therapists

Fitness coaches understand your problems and sticking points and make every possible effort to make your life better. This helps you focus more on your health and fitness. But fitness coaches are not the therapist. We cannot diagnose or give medical advice.

3. Fitness Coaching is for people who can’t do it themselves

Fitness coaching is for anyone who is ambitious and wants to perform better. It is not necessary that people who are overweight or those who struggle to get in shape need fitness coaching. Anyone who expects more from life should take fitness coaching. The world’s top athletes, performers, entrepreneurs all have fitness coaches.

Fitness coaching online Faq

What can a fitness coach do?

A genuine fitness coach can do miracles in your life. Your fitness coach can identify the blocks in your fitness and health. They could be mental, physical or related to diet. Your coach will help you get pass these blocks and get massive results. 

Is it worth paying for a fitness coach?

The fact that you are here on this page means that you need a fitness coach. Investing in your health is the most important decision of your life. Quality fitness coaches are expensive. But, ultimately it is your body and only you can decide its worth.

What is the difference between a personal trainer and a fitness coach?

A personal trainer helps you in the gym. He will guide you with the right form and technique of exercise. He will help you push through the exercises. 

A fitness coach on the other hand takes a comprehensive approach. He will help you with diet, exercise, and with your mindset as well. Your fitness coach will work is your partner in your fitness journey.

Do I need a fitness coach?

Ask yourself these questions

  1. Are you struggling to manage your health or your diet or exercise.
  2. Are you not able to get the zeal to workout or follow the diet.
  3. You been working hard but not able to get the results.

If the answer to any of these questions is yes then a fitness coach can help you.


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