Free Consult on Coffee

Every now and then when we get questions on health, fitness, diet, nutrition, fat/weight loss, muscle gain etc our first resource is google.

Have you ever felt that google actually got you more confused. So many options to choose from, so much of contradicting information. What’s more right or what’s more wrong…

Well if you have specific questions that will help you take Fit decisions & If you are in Delhi/Gurgaon/NCR I’ll be happy to answer your question every Saturday 4 pm to 7 pm in Gurgaon.

During this 30 minutes consultation, we’d discuss one specific concern that you have.

Be it Fat loss, muscle gain, which gym to join, what supplement to take… anything relating to Diet, Fitness, Nutrition, Workout, Bodybuilding and I can answer in this session.

Ready.. Setup an appointment with me. I’ll confirm once I receive this form from you.