Why do you want a 6 pack ?

A 6 pack didn\’t change my life, neither it\’s going to change yours!

Friend: Bro! I want to get a six pack!

Me: why?

Friend: I want to become a fitness model and become rich!

Me: Sorry to break it to you. There is no money in being a fitness model!

All fitness model is a salesman first! They are either selling their own programs or selling supplements or some other stuff! You don\’t get paid for having a 6 pack!

Friend: Bro! I want to have a 6 pack. It will impress my friends and girls will be sooo over me!

Me: I\’ve been there! Firstly, friends who value you for 6 pack are not really your true friends! Also, you don\’t need 6 pack to get girls! All you need is confidence and talking skills.

Friend: Bro! But, I am on a mission and I don\’t intend to stop unless I achieve what I want!

Me: See, I get it. But, trust me! Getting a 6 pack is not going to change your life. Most importantly, it is not going to make you successful! I bet, you will still be doing the same office work!

Friend: So, you are trying to say that I should not go for 6 pack?

Me: No! That\’s not what I mean! Getting ripped is a worthy goal. But, you should do it for your own reasons and not show off the world.

Whenever I go to the gym, my mission is to test my limits and my knowledge!

All I think about is,

    • How can I get leaner faster?


    • In what ways I can lower my body fat this time?


    • Is there any way to get ripped with less effort?


    Can I get good physique with more muscle mass?

You can see a pattern here! My goal is purely personal, checking on whether I am improving or not.

And you should have personal reasons to get your best body!


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