Best abs workouts

Are you trying to burn belly fat and get Abs? These exercises are proven to build abs muscles. Try these best ab workouts for faster results.



Bodybuilding refers to the art of developing a pleasing muscular structure employing resistance training and various workouts. Though it began a long time ago, bodybuilding has evolved to become more than just a pastime. Dedicated bodybuilders work out and train hard for various competitions. Most obsessively focus on following the perfect diet and training routine, and rightly so. Diet and training are the two most important parts of perfecting bodybuilding.

The training routine is especially hard and followed diligently for it to make a difference. Most of the workout focuses on resistance training, but ab workouts are also a great way to develop muscles.  Abs are probably easy to train but results may not always be visible. This is because a good ab workout should follow a good diet too. Unhealthy eating habits will reflect on the results poorly. Abs also contain more slow-twitch fibres that make it harder to develop. Here are some specific exercises that can help attain great abs.

  1. To increase muscle size and for overall muscle development from the upper and lower abs and obliques, the following exercises are a great option.


  • Standing cable lift

This beginner level exercise requires a standing cable. It is common equipment in gyms. First, prepare the standing cable by connecting the handle on a tower. Move the cable to the lowest pulley position. Stand sideways to the cable, hold the handle and step away so that you are an arm’s length away from the tower. Place your feet shoulder-width apart. Squat down to hold the handle with both hands. Extend your arms completely. Now pull up the handle so that your arms are extended above your head and sideways. Return to the initial position and repeat. After a set, reposition to continue the same exercise on the other side. This exercise twists your entire torso, so keep your muscles tense all the time to get maximum benefit.


  • Rope Crunch

This is another beginner level exercise that uses a cable system. Attach a rope to the system and add an appropriate weight to it.  Kneel on the floor and grab the rope with extended hands. Your torso must be upright. Now pull the cable down by flexing at the spine. Pause when you are almost to the floor and return to the initial position. This focuses on the abdominal muscles. If you try twisting to the sides, it can also help engage the obliques.


  • Ab roller 

This exercise is an intermediate level exercise that uses an ab wheel/ab roller as supporting equipment. To do this exercise, hold the ab roller while kneeling on the floor. Place the roller on the floor so you are on your hands and knees. From this initial position, use the roller to push your body forward and stretch it. Breathe in while doing so. Stay in the stretched position for a moment and return to the initial position while breathing out. If you are a person suffering from back pains, you are advised not to try this exercise. You can also use a barbell to do the same exercise.


  1. To get lean, chiselled abs, you can follow the below-mentioned exercises along with cardio. Doing supersets, which are pairs of exercises, together can increase the muscle burn  and burn more calories.


  • Decline Reverse Crunch and Tuck Crunch

These two crunches together make a great superset of 3 sets, 15-20 reps each.

For the decline reverse crunch, lay on a decline bench and hold the top of the bench with your hands. Stay rigid in this initial position and don’t slip. Legs must be parallel to the floor with knees and feet together. Now exhale and move your legs upwards to the torso. This must raise the hips off the bench. Continue until your knees touch your chest. Stay for a moment and return to the initial position as you inhale.

For the tuck crunch, lie on the floor on your back with arms across your sides. Place your palms downwards and cross the ankles. Now bring your legs up to meet the torso. Unlike the previous one, here the knees will be slightly bent, with thighs perpendicular to the floor. Now cross your arms across your chest. lift your torso off the floor and exhale. Return to the previous position after a moment. Repeat the exercise.

Both the exercises are beginner level so it is easy to do.


  • Hanging Leg Raise and Jackknife Sit-Up

Both these exercises together make a superset. They must have 3 sets of 15 reps each.

To do a hanging leg raise, hang down from a chin bar with arms extended fully. Raise your legs until your torso is at 90 degrees with the legs. Breathe out while doing so and hold the position for a moment. Now slowly go back to the initial position and repeat.

To perform a jackknife sit-up, lay down on the floor on your back. Extend your arms straight behind your head. Extend the body and legs too. While you breathe out, bend at the waist and raise your arms and legs at the same time. Your body must form a V-shape with this manoeuver. The upper body should be off the floor. Inhale and return to the initial position and repeat.


  1. For your upper abs, you can do the following exercise, or its variations to get a great six-pack.


  • Exercise Ball Crunch

This is a beginner level exercise. It uses an exercise ball over which you lie on your back. Your lower back must be pressed to the spherical surface of the ball. Bend your knees and keep your feet firm. Keep your arms crossed across the chest. From the initial position, flex your waist and contact the abdominals, so that you move upwards. Be sure to keep the lower half pressed on the ball. Breathe out during the movement and hold the position for a second. While returning to the original position, breathe in.  You can elevate this exercise by adding weights on your chest but first master this basic form.


  1. For your lower abs, the following exercise is a great option. Mix up the upper and lower ab workouts so that both get equal importance and development is uniform.


  • Cable Reverse Crunch

A cable reverse crunch is very much similar to the decline reverse crunch. Here a cable is used to help the exercise along. lay on the floor with your ankle on a strap connected to the cable system. Elevate your legs and bend knees at a 90-degree angle. From this position, bring your knees in to touch your chest. Hold the position for a moment. Go back to the first position and repeat. You may do 3 sets of 12 reps each for this exercise.

These are some of the good ab workout options with specific results. Choose one that works best for you, or combine some of this to create a tailored workout.  Stay fit!

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