How critically mind & emotional strength impactbody building

It’s a much mourned fact of life that watching exercise videos doesn\’t build muscles. Couch potatoes who can legitimately boast about six-pack abs don’t exist.
Reading bodybuilding books doesn’t get the job done, either. Reading can take us on many wondrous journeys of the mind, but it won’t pump up the pecs.
Muscles trembling with intensity, day after day. There’s no easy way.
And so it is with emotional muscles. They, too, require regular exercise and, often, emotional sweat-a knot in the stomach, dread at hearing the phone ring,
We don’t have to join a gym and show up for workouts, though. Life is the gym, and it comes to us.

How to Use Your Mind to Build Muscle Mass and Achieve Incredible Strength Gains
Did you know that the average person only uses 5% of their mind? Imagine what you can achieve or do using the other 95% of your mind. Lifting weights and gaining muscle mass isn’t only all about protein, creatine or eating a whole lot of calories.
You would be surprised about how much using your mind can help build muscle mass and strength gains. Here are a couple of powerful ways to use your mind to gain some serious muscle mass.

  1. Belief – Yes, believing that you can achieve gaining x number of pounds of solid muscle will definitely help. Ignore doubts from others and yourself.
    • Keep believing that you will achieve a rock hard, muscular body and you eventually will.
    • Picture yourself with whatever amount of muscle you want to gain every day. Visualize that figure. I\’ve used this method of using my mind and belief and it has enabled me to lift more weight or perform more repetitions than I ever would have thought of before. I picture myself lifting that weight that I\’ve never done before minutes and then seconds before I actually lift it. By doing this, you create an incredible force in your mind and with that belief and visualization, you will be able to achieve that muscular body or incredible strength gains.
  2. Focus on now – At the gym, if you focus too much on your whole workout instead of just focusing on what particular exercise you are doing now, you lose energy and your mental focus.
    Some people are talking about what exercises they are going to do next while they\’re doing another exercise. This is a huge no-no! If you use your mind to focus on only the exercise you are doing now, you can put all of your mental focus and energy into that one exercise. I\’m telling you from experience, this will greatly improve your strength gains and help you build more muscle mass.
  3. Music– This is a perfect example of how your mind affects your actions and how it can enable you to gain muscle mass, as well as strength gains. Think about it, when you listen to music and listen to the tone and what the lyrics are, it makes your emotions change.Using good pump up music at the gym will get you entirely focused and completely cut off by your surroundings. It\’s just you and the music. You are allowing your mind to let you focus on the music and lifting weights.Without music, your mind goes off to peoples conversations and daily activities, etc. By allowing your mind to just focus on the current exercise that you are doing, (without the millions of other things going on in your life) you will be able to maximize your energy levels and mental focus on that particular exercise.

The more you use your mind, then the more you will be allowing yourself to keep on building pounds upon pounds of muscle mass and incredible strength gains.

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