How to Use Your Mind to Build Muscle Mass and Achieve Incredible Strength Gains

Did you know that the average person only uses 5% of their mind? Imagine what you can achieve or do using the other 95% of your mind. Someone has to realize that the brain has within the confines of its domain numerous mystique powers and wonders. It has and will continue to baffle scientists for a long time to come. Imagine what one would do if their mind would embark on this journey wholeheartedly. Then at that point creatinine and the protein build up blocks will fall in line recording tremendous muscle growth.

1. Belief

Yes, believing that you can achieve gaining x number of pounds of solid muscle will definitely help. Ignore doubts from others and yourself. Keep believing that you will achieve a rock hard, muscular body and you eventually will. Picture yourself with whatever amount of muscle you want to gain every day. Visualize that figure. I\’ve used this method of using my mind and belief and it has enabled me to lift more weight or perform more repetitions than I ever would have thought of before. I picture myself lifting that weight that I\’ve never done before minutes and then seconds before I actually lift it. By doing this, you create an incredible force in your mind and with that belief and visualization, you will be able to achieve that muscular body or incredible strength gains.

2. Focus on now

At the gym, it is prudent that you set your mind what you are doing. Letting your mind wander to other occurrences or events in your life will most definitely hinder your progress on the exercise and routine at hand. Instead, you should put all your efforts into the routine and not allow your conscious brain to wonder to chatter within the gym.

3. Music

This is a perfect example of how your mind affects your actions and how it can enable you to gain muscle mass, as well as strength. Think about it, when you listen to music and listen to the tone and what the lyrics are, it makes your emotions change. Fact is that music affects someone’s heartbeat and that can be put to good use. Using good pump up music at the gym will get you entirely focused and completely cut off by your surroundings. It\’s just you and the music. You are allowing your mind to let you focus on the music and lifting weights. Without music, your mind goes off to people’s conversations and daily activities. Music is food for the soul and it will get you emotional limbic system motivated and inspired to carry on with the workout (Karageorhis & Priest 2012).

In all the illustrations, one thing clearly stands out, the mind is a prime determinant in the creation of muscle mass. Once it is well focused and in sync then the individual will be able to work out all geared towards building the muscle mass they intend to.

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