Would you take shit, just because it is free?

So, I met a friend of mine at the local juice shop. By the way, I don’t know which state you are in, but here in Madhya Pradesh, they have this awesome vegetable juice shops, where they give you all kinds like carrot, beetroot, karela, amla etc and that too for just Rs 10.

Anyhow, so this is what happened.

Buddy: Hey Adi, I just joined a gym yesterday. The trainer has given a diet plan for me.

Me: Awesome! How is it going for you?

Buddy: I just started a couple of days ago. This time, I\’m going to be really serious!

Me: That’s nice. I hope the diet and workouts help you.

Buddy: Hey. Can you look at the diet and share your thoughts?

Me: Sure, but what’s your goal?

Buddy: I want to get ripped with proper cutting.

Me: Alright, tell me some details like how many calories, carbs, protein are there in diet?

Buddy: umm, I don\’t know!

Me: Your trainer didn\’t tell you about it?

Buddy: No, he just sat with me and wrote the diet plan on my card.

Me: Ok! Did he take your measurements? For instance, your height, weight, waist, body fat etc?

Buddy: No!!

Me: LOL BRO! Then whose diet plan are you following? Look, Bro! Firstly, for the fundamental of body transformation, whether fat loss or muscle gain, is your total calories.

In addition, you have to identify your daily calories requirements and then you subtract 200 to 500 from them for fat loss or add 200-300 for muscle gain.

Buddy: Okay!

Me: Also, the next rule is your protein intake. You have to take a minimum of 1 gm protein per day as per your lean body weight in pounds.

Buddy: And, what about fats?

Me: You can take anywhere from 20 to 35% of your calories from fat. Rest come from carbohydrates. When you have these things fixed that\’s when your diet plan is ready!

Buddy: Hey bro! Can you share more information on this?

Me: Sure! You can go here and download my fat loss checklist.


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