Are you stronger than the mountain man?

If you are not, then you must watch \”Manjhi, The Mountain Man\”!

So, a few days ago, I was watching the movie, Manji, The mountain man. I usually don’t watch Hindi movies. But for this one, I got multiple recommendations! So, I said what the heck!!

The story is about a guy in Bihar, who decides to pave a road across the mountain by breaking it. This is to help the cause of his village and his lost wife. And all he had was a shovel and a chisel.

There is this epic scene in the movie which I can probably never forget! So while Manjhi was breaking the mountain, a journalist approaches him. They talk for a while.

The journalist was a little sad and disappointed with politics in his work. So Manji, suggested to him to open his own newspaper.

And the journalist says \”itna aassan nahi hai bhai\” (It’s not as simple as you think).
To which, Manjhi delivers the ultimate grand slam reply, \”pahad todne se bhi mushkil hai kya?\” (Is it harder than breaking the mountain?)

Many people come to me and say, bodybuilding is difficult and getting ripped is difficult. To which, now I think is it harder than breaking a mountain? Not really!!

Manjhi did it without any support, help and guidance. He had sheer will power and iron determination.

But you can have all the support you need! You can get the best strategy, the best tool and you don’t even have to spend 22 years!

All you need is a commitment and hard work of 6 months in my 6 months to superhero program.


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