What is the best time to Workout?

Early morning, evening, late night..What is the best time to workout to build muscle and lose fat?

I have worked out at all times of the day from early morning till late at night.

And practically speaking, I have noticed no difference in performance, strength or results at any time of day!

However, there are two things that always stay in my mind.

I prefer to workout at the same time every day. Be it morning or evening time.

You see, your body starts adjusting to the time of the workout. So, if you keep changing time every day, it will be always in a confused state!

When it comes to my favourite time of the day to workout, it is 10:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m.

Because, it helps me to workout with higher intensity, lift heavier weights and do more exercise at the same time.

So why I prefer this time? Very simple!

    It’s at this time of the day, the gym is mostly empty! There is nobody to do alternate sets. I don’t have to keep watching your weights even you are resting (people just take away plates and free weights).

    Also, I need not talk to unwanted people while waiting endlessly for treadmill/cardio machines.

    I can do supersets/tri sets/ giant sets.

    Most importantly, I can pose off as much as I want in the mirror.

The benefits are endless. The point is, choose the time where you can work consistently and with full focus!


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