My Mansuria kungfu Shifu taught me this secret!

And I am passing it to you guys!

So last year I was in Chennai, attending the Mansuria kungfu camp. In case you don’t know, it is one of the oldest forms of Kungfu. Legend has it, that it is even older than Shaolin!

Anyhow, so I sat down with the Shifu and told him that I want to learn everything! All the kicks, punches, animal forms/routines, weapons and shadow attacks.Everything!!

Shifu: Hmm. So, Why do you want to learn everything?

Me: So that I become one of the finest fighters.

To which the Shifu replied,

Shifu: Tell me again. You want to learn Everything or you want to become a good fighter?.

Me: I thought both implies the same! Doesn\’t the best fighter know everything?.

Shifu: The best fighter is the one who applies whatever resources he has in the best possible way.

We have over 250 punches, 1000’s of kicks, 100’s of weapons. So, if you keep learning everything you will learn a lot but will be a master of none!

To become the best fighter, you need to know a few techniques and be the best in them.

And this conversation got me wondering! Oh boy! Isn\’t that true?!?

Firstly, many people come to me and ask all sorts of questions like,

    What is the best exercise to reduce side, chest and thigh fat?
    How do I lose the tummy/belly fat?
    How can I lose the face fat? (Really!?!)

In addition, few come with nutrition questions like,

    Which is the best fat cutter?
    What is the best protein or pre-workout shakes available?
    Which BCAA or steroid or growth hormone I can purchase?

What is the best?? God knows what!!

But, only a few people come to me and ask,

    How do I calculate my calories?
    What can I do to adjust my macros?
    I have stopped losing fat, how should I change my diet?

To sum up, you don’t have to master 10,000 exercises! Also, you need not to buy the latest fat burner or pre-workout or whatever pill you see on youtube.

What you need is, to pick one skill and master it! You should be so good with your diet that you could be a diet Jedi and predict the future!

I am making these changes in my diet and by the end of two weeks I should lose x gms of fat and gain y gms of muscle.

And that’s what mastery is!!

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