Books better than Arnold’s Encyclopedia!

What’s one thing that every successful person have in common??

They read books!

Yes. Warren Buffett told in an interview that, the secret to his wealth and success is the number of books he read every year.

So, my dear friends, I am giving a few best books on bodybuilding!

Mark Rippetoe\’s \”Starting strength\”:

I wish I could make this book as entertaining as my emails. But the guy has really done his homework. One of the best books in the world on exercise fundamental. If you want to learn the correct form & technique, this is the one!

High-Intensity Training, The Mike Mentzer way:

When it comes Mentzer\’sng Mike mentzer’s is my guy. I have worked out in all styles but Mike’s principles are by far the most solid and advanced ones. He can make your workout 100 times more effective and crisp.

For the complete list, go here


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