What Buddha Taught me about bodybuilding!

And what you can learn too!

Back in 2011, I came across the principles of Buddhism. So, I stopped eating meat completely and even took a break from my gym! Yes! I did not work out for one straight year!!.

I brought this tiny book having about 120 pages. Every night before sleeping, I made a habit to read a few pages from the book.

Soon, I realized that I spent one straight year of absolute happiness and peace!

I cut down a lot of things I was doing. Also, I began to focus on whatever work I did and became good at it.

A year later, I decided to go back to the normal routine. So, I thought what can I take from this experience and how can I make my life better.

Well, I realized I want to get back to my earlier shape again and to use what Buddha taught me.

First of all, I have to limit the number of things that I am doing in my life. In addition, I have to block all the distractions coming to my life through my senses.

In fact, this can make you become laser focused! So, once you block your senses from corruption, you can actually focus on whatever you want!

And this is exactly what I did!! In late 2013, I decided to compete again for Mr.Haryana! So, this time I didn\’t heed to any of the distractions. Because of that, I was able to maintain laser focus and get in top shape in less than 8 months!!

If you are living a typical hustler lifestyle, say, a job to do, a hobby to pursue and a family to support, then my dear friend by simple mathematics you can have your body as only a 4th priority!! Well, in life, we achieve only the things which are our top priorities.

So, rest well!! They just remain in our someday list!


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