Why mountaineers are not ripped?

Mountaineers work really hard all day and are fairly active. But still, they don\’t appear ripped!

Have you ever been to hill stations like Dehradun, Mussoorie, Shimla, Ladakh etc.?? Did you get a chance to notice the people over there? They always walk a lot! Since they live in hilly areas, they walk compensating the extra incline, similar to a treadmill!

But still, they are not ripped? Now you might say that they don’t work out and stuff!!

Well, that’s all right! But still, they don\’t have abs to show.

I happened to observe this during my trips last year across Uttarakhand and Ladakh. And what I noticed is that, even though these people are really hard working and active throughout the day, they don\’t follow a good diet!

They eat Momos, Chole Bhature and what not!! All these foods have staple grain as refined white flour or maida! Regular intake of these flours can be dangerous for your digestive system!

I remember one thing! When I was in Darjeeling, I was searching for a nice place for breakfast! But, all I could find was Momos and Chole Bhature! Their diet has very little to no protein and a lot of refined carbs. No wonder they are not ripped!!

Coming back to the point, is it happening with you too?

Are you working really hard in the gym, hitting 3 hours a day and still nothing to show off??

Think about it!!

It’s time to fix your diet first!!


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