When was the last time you serviced your body?

Do you get your car serviced before a long drive?

Let’s say, you want to go for a long road trip, say 1000+ km. What would you do?

Well, the first thing you would do is, check your car for any errors or issues. And only when it is perfect, you will begin my journey!

But, how do you begin your Fat loss journey?

You just jump in right and figure out along the way! And, according to my guess, you keep figuring out and never really figure it out!!

So, how do you service your body before starting a fat loss long trip??

    1. Fix your kitchen:
    Throw out any ready-made, easy to eat calorie dense food. For instance, foods like Chocolate, cookies, chips, ice cream must be away from your kitchen. And this does not just end at food items! Unsubscribe to food bloggers, youtube channels, FB pages, WhatsApp groups or anything that tempts you to eat junk food.

    2. Be ready for appetite issues:
    You are on a fat loss trip, so you have to eat less, which means you are going to feel hungry. The best way to counter hunger and appetite issues is to change your food items. Eat lots of protein, salads every day. Foods like vegetables, potatoes, eggs, beans, lentil help a lot in suppressing appetite.

    3. Learn to defend the fatal attacks:
    (I am learning martial arts these days, so you may see such headings ) – Calorie dense foods are far more rewarding to your brain than regular fruits, vegetables and unprocessed food. So when you eat a piece of chocolate or pizza it is very likely that you will overeat because your brain is enjoying the food, but when you eat unprocessed natural food, your tendency to overeat would be far less.

    4.Log your sleep:
    Sleep has restorative properties, which means when your sleep is proper it positively affects your performance and eating behaviour. If you are not well slept, your performance in the gym would suffer feeling a lot more hunger.

    5. Manage stress:
    The devil could be in any form like stress on life, money, job, relationship and exercise. What you need is, identify the stress and learn to manage it. So, How you do it? Very simple! Firstly, identify the stress and the next step is to minimize it. You should also practice mindfulness meditation!

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