Arnold smoked marijuana. Do you wonder why?

In one of his movies Pumping Iron, Arnold accepts the usages of marijuana.

Now, Arnold is one freaky guy, who regularly push his limits and look for novel ways to get better.

One of the advantages of marijuana is its ability to treat anxiety and mental decline. In fact, it finds its use along with other medicines in cancer treatment.

It increases our appetite, thus we can eat more and grow more.

However, one of the most compelling benefits of marijuana is its effect on the nervous system. It reduces anxiety, increases euphoria, making people to reduce their association from the surroundings.

The net effect is, you are able to eat more, have lesser anxiety and less worried about the people around. Perfect environment for a competitive athlete!

Now, I am NOT suggesting to use marijuana!! As you know, it can lead to several conditions like memory loss and schizophrenia. However, for those to occur, the said dosage has to be very high.

Just that, you should be careful of what you are taking. And oh!! One more important thing about marijuana!!! It causes internalization of receptors in our body. That means we get used to it and would need higher dosage to get the same benefit as we continue to use it.

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