Best Quad Exercises for Size and Strength

Understanding the quads muscles

The quads muscle is made up of 4 individual muscles. These muscles together give the size and definition to your front legs.

Rectus Femoris: this muscle crosses both the knee and hip joint. This allows it to both knee extension and hip flexion. This muscle is located in the middle of the thigh.

Vastus Lateralis :  This muscle is located on the outside of the thigh. It originates from the femur and inserts into patella. This muscle is used for knee extension as well as stabilization of the kneecap during various leg movements.

Vastus Medialis : this muscle is located on the inside of the thigh. It is also known as the teardrop muscle. 

Vastus Intermedius : The muscle lies between rectus femoris and vastus lateralis. It is not visible like other quad muscles as it is deep inside the quad. This muscle also help in knee extension. 

Why you should do quad exercises

Your body is incomplete with well developed quads. If you want to have an X shape then you need broad shoulders and big quads.

Besides aesthetics there are several benefits of doing quads exercises.

  1. They improve balance. Having a strong upper body and weak quads can lead to muscle imbalance.
  2. Improved posture – Well developed quads muscles gives you a proper posture and stability to do many compound exercises.
  3. Metabolic Boost – Research has shown that doing compound exercises like squats can boost metabolism and testosterone levels.
  4. Caloric Burn – Exercises like squats are compound movement and are excellent for burning calories and fat.

Best quad exercises for mass 

  1. Back Squat 
  2. Hack Squat 
  3. Leg Press 
  4. Front Squats
  5. Sumo squat

Best quad exercises for strength

  1. Back Squat
  2. Leg Press
  3. Sumo Squat

Best quad isolation exercises

  1. Leg Extension 
  2. Goblet Squat
  3. Split squat
  4. Single leg squat
  5. Bulgarian Split Squat

Best dumbbell quad exercises

  1. Dumbbell Walking Lunge
  2. Lateral lunge (side lunge)
  3. Forward lunge
  4. Reverse lunge
  5. Lateral lunge
  6. Walking lunge
  7. Goblet Squat

Best quad exercises at home

  1. Dumbbell Goblet Squats:
  2. Dumbbell Lunges:
  3. Dumbbell Squats
  4. Dumbbell Step-Ups:
  5. Pistol Squats
  6. Sissy Squat

Best quad exercises no equipment

  1. Pistol Squats
  2. Sissy Squat
  3. Jump squat
  4. Step-ups
  5. Bodyweight squat
  6. Wall Sit

Best inner quad exercises

  1. Sumo Squats
  2. Side Lunge

Best quad exercises Bodybuilding

Bodybuilders are known for perfection. They work hard to develop each and every muscle to its full potential.

When you are doing quad exercises for bodybuilding you want to have full development of quad muscle. Here are the best quad exercises for bodybuilding

  1. Leg Extension
  2. Back Squat
  3. Goblet Squats
  4. Sumo Squats
  5. Hip Abduction
  6. Hip Adduction

Quad exercises tips

Building a powerful set of quads requires more than just squats. You want to have a full development of the quads muscle.

  1. Frequency : Quads are big muscles. You can train quads 1 to 2 times per week. Train with intensity and give the muscle time to grow
  2. Volume : You should train 3-4 exercises of quads in a full workout. This will help you target all four quad heads.
  3. Intensity : Train heavy weights in one workout , with low reps and higher number of sets. Keep another workout with moderate weight and higher number of sets and reps. 
  4. Progression : Focus on improving the lifts on major compound movements like squats, leg press, hack squats.

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