Biceps Width Exercises for Bigger and Wide Biceps


We all want good biceps. Big Biceps command respect! To have a well-developed biceps you need both biceps peak and width. We are going to get deep into biceps width exercises. Let’s get started!

Biceps anatomy for bodybuilders

Let’s understand a bit about biceps anatomy. This will help us in figuring out how to train effectively for biceps width.

There are three main muscles in the biceps: the Biceps Brachii, Brachialis, and Brachioradialis

Biceps Brachii

The biceps brachii is the primary muscle responsible for flexing the elbow and is the most visible of the three muscles.


The brachialis is located underneath the biceps brachii and assists in elbow flexion.


The brachioradialis is located on the outer part of the arm and also assists in elbow flexion.

Biceps brachialis is the muscle that gives width and thickness to your arm.

How to target biceps width

To get wider biceps we need to train the small muscle in between the biceps and triceps known as brachialis.

Here are a few things we need to keep in mind when training for biceps width:

  1. Your grip matters. EMG analysis shows the supinated grip works more on the biceps brachii. For training brachialis width we need to use more of the neutral grip and pronated grip.
  2. Exercise Selection The regular hammer curls involve both biceps brachii and brachialis and as the weight gets heavier, brachii is going to take over. Instead of the regular hammer curl, try Cross body hammer curl.
  3. Range is important – top range of movement is going to focus more on the biceps peak. You’ll get more pump on brachialis with lower to mid range.
  4. Be sure of weight selection – as I mentioned earlier both brachii and brachialis have similar functions – elbow flexion. When you lift heavy, brachii will likely take over. It is advisable to lift moderate weight

5.  Lifting Tempo – research has shown that a slower lifting motion works more on brachialis than brachii. Do your reps slow and controlled.

How To Get biceps width: The 5 Best Exercises

Cross Body Hammer Curls

Rope Hammer Curls 

Reverse Curls 

Neutral grip pull ups 

Biceps overhead curl

Pronated dumbbell curls

Biceps width exercises with dumbbells

Dumbbell Cross-Body Hammer Curl

Dumbbell Reverse Grip Curls

Hammer Curl

3 Ultimate Biceps Width Workouts

Biceps width workout 1

Reverse Barbell Curl48-12
Hammer Curls48-12
Zottman Curls38-12

Biceps width workout 2

Preacher Curl with EZ-Bar48-12
Cable Rope Hammer Curls38-12
Neutral-Grip Pull-Ups38-12
Reverse Curls38-12

Biceps width workout 3

Hammer Curls48-12
Zottman Curls48-12
Reverse Barbell Curl38-12
Preacher Curl with EZ-Bar38-12

Biceps width exercises Faq

How to get wider biceps with dumbbells?

To get wider biceps with dumbbells, you need to focus on a few things. 1 lift moderate weights. 2. Focus more on the lower portion of the lift. 3. Use neutral or pronated grip. 4. Lift slow and controlled.

How can I make my biceps wider?

To make your biceps wider you need to work on the brachialis muscle. The small muscle between biceps and triceps. When brachialis is fully developed it will give your biceps a nice wider look.

Is bicep width genetic?

Yes, bicep width is genetic. The shape of muscle is genetic. However, with smart and consistent training you can develop bigger and aesthetic biceps.

Does exercise increase arm width?

Yes exercises for biceps brachialis increase width of your upper arm, giving a bigger more muscular look. Exercises like cross body hammer curl, rope curl, spider curls, prone curls work on the brachialis.

Biceps width exercise summary

To get biceps width you need to train your brachialis muscle. Both biceps brachii and brachialis have similar functions. That’s why some people lag in brachialis development because the biceps brachii takes over. We need to focus on specific exercises, movement and angle to target more on Brachialis. Make sure that you are doing slow and controlled reps and not lifting too heavy weight.


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