how to get a fast metabolism

A fast metabolism will increase your resting calorie expenditure. It will help you lose extra weight faster. Here are 13 proven ways to get a fast metabolism.


Studies say that following a fast metabolism is a great way to lose weight in under a month.  But you may balk at first after knowing what fast metabolism means.

It is a diet when you eat more and lose weight as a result! Wondering how? Well, you east specific types of food that\’ll increase your metabolism rate, which in turn burns calories and makes you lose weight! I\’m not kidding; this has been proven to work.

Metabolism is used to describe the different chemical reactions in our body that helps to convert the necessary nutrients in our food into energy. This process can be fast or slow depending on the individual. When metabolism becomes slow, the nutrients just get stored in the body as fat. This leads to weight gain, which is not good! The best way to go is to boost your metabolism.

So how do you get a fast metabolism? Read on to find out!

  1. Eat the right food


Developing fast metabolism hinges a lot on your diet. A proper diet for a week would be as given below:

On Mondays and Tuesdays, have a lot of carbs and fruits. These will help to assimilate the nutrients better.

Midweek, on Wednesdays and Thursdays, pile on tons of proteins and vegetables. These take a lot of calories to burn as the food is so bulky. Essentially we are losing all the fat that was stored in our body before.

And the end of the week, on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays the metabolism shoots up. So we can eat a lot of healthy fat foods including cashew butter, avocados, hummus, salads and other things.

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  1. Move your body

While you\’re on the way to boosting your metabolism, you cannot remain idle. The body needs to be active and doing stuff as this burns calories. Even sitting for a long time could be bad for health. A good way to maintain activity is to stand up at times, walk around etc. For people having jobs that need you to be seated for a long while, try fidgeting instead of staying motionless all the time.

Though the best thing to do is regular exercise, even small steps like walking or doing household work can work magic!

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  1. Caffeine is good

Hear me out, guys! Caffeine is not unhealthy in this case. Rather, it boosts the metabolism by increasing the amount of fat getting burned.

A study reported that coffee increased fat burning by 29% for lean women. Drinking coffee can help you lose weight and maintain that weight too.

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  1. Spice it up

Spicy food is going to be your best friend for now. Of course, make sure you can handle the spice before eating a lot at once. Eating spices like pepper is found to increase metabolism rates. this is because pepper contains capsaicin, something that helps burn calories.

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  1. High-intensity workouts for the win

High-intensity workouts, aka High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), mainly include exercises that have quick movements. This may include workouts like using a cycle to pedal fast for a few moments followed by slow cycling, or even pushups.

The advantage of HIITs is that you spend less time exercising but can burn a lot more calories than you do normally.

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  1. Strength training

This is another great way to burn calories. Strength training involves lifting weights, dumbbells and other heavy things. The advantage is that it helps to develop your muscles, which goes a long way in helping to lose weight.

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  1. Proteins are paramount

The most important part of a fast metabolism diet is protein content. Eating proteins help to improve muscle mass but also has other benefits. Proteins can help in weight loss but more importantly, it can help combat the possible weight gain after the loss.

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  1. Water – the key to health

Drinking water is the best way of having good health. Coldwater especially is suggested by dieticians. There is an increase in the number of calories burned because of water. This is because of water-induced thermogenesis. Another point to note is that drinking a little water before meals will fill your belly. This leads to less calorie intake, helping weight loss.

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  1. Green tea or oolong tea helps

These help to increase the metabolism rate up to 5%, as studies have shown. Since they are caffeinated beverages like coffee, it has similar effects. These teas convert the fat stored in your body into free fatty acids, which is good to increase the burning of fat, thus leading to weight loss.

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  1. Coconut oil is best

Refined oils are a big no! Coconut oil contains high amounts of medium-chain fats, which is good for the body. Unlike butter that contains saturated fats, this will help in increasing the metabolism rate. Because coconut oil has fatty acid properties, it can also help in weight loss when compared with refined oils.

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  1. No alcohol

Alcohol is anyway bad for health. But here, it is extremely essential to avoid it because alcohol before a meal leads to higher calorie intake. Also, they take a lot of calories to burn which means the rest of the food is stored as fat. This goes opposite to the tenets of a fast metabolism.

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  1. No starving yourself

Eating a lot of food, and food you love is imperative. When you restrict your calories above a limit that decreases your metabolism rate. This, in turn, means that fewer calories get burned. Instead of losing weight, you\’re just getting sick.

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  1. Goodnight, sleep tight

We\’ve all heard of the importance of getting a good night\’s sleep right. Well, turns out this helps in keeping up our metabolism too. Lack of regular hours of sleep could also lead to weight gain in future and obesity. Sleep deprivation can also increase hunger and make you cranky in general. This could disrupt your entire diet.

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All these are just tips. The most important takeaway should be that following a healthy lifestyle means having a healthy body. Increasing metabolism isn\’t the bottom line in weight loss. Even more important is having a balanced diet. All the things above are just minor lifestyle changes that could go a long way to helping you be healthy!

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