lower ab workouts

Lower ab workouts help you improve posture and build a stronger core. It is also a must if you want to have ab chiseled mid section. Here are the best lower ab workouts.



The abdominal muscles work to create well-defined six-packs. The ab muscles are important for the flexing of the lumbar spine, which includes the five vertebrae between the rib cage and pelvis. These ab muscles help in doing exercises like the crunch efficiently. It also helps in respiration during forced exhalations. Having such huge importance to human anatomy, it is no wonder bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts strive to get great lower ab muscles.

Lower belly fat accumulation is an important reason to work out the lower abs as well. Lower belly fat contributes to an unhealthy paunch and beer belly. However, it is not that easy to obtain a well-defined lower ab. The best way to get a sculpted lower ab is by working out the legs and hip flexors along with the lower abdomen.

Here are some of the most common and easy to do lower ab exercises that you can incorporate into your workout routine for maximum benefit.

  1. Reverse Crunch

This is a variation of a regular crunch aimed at engaging the lower abdominal muscles. Lie on your back with hands held behind. Bend your knees upward. Now pull up your legs until they are pointing straight up. Now bring your knees into the chest so that the abdominal muscles are clenching nicely. Repeat the rep for 15-20 times. This will also work the obliques very well.


  1. Dead Bug

For this exercise, lie on your back with arms extended completely upwards. Bend your knees at 90 degrees and stack them over your hips, like in a table-top position. From this initial position, extend your right leg while extending your left arm overhead. Take care not to completely place the leg/hand on the floor. Keep a few inches of distance by clenching the lower body. Switch with the other leg and hand. Repeat the exercise as needed.


  1. Mountain Climber

This is a variation of the plank which can work out the abdominal muscles more. Stay in the initial position as you would for a plank, with palms flat on the floor. Pull up your right knee to the chest by engaging your core. Return the knee to the original position, and immediately draw the left knee into the chest. Keep alternating between the two legs quickly. This mimics the movements of a mountain climber.


  1. Lying Leg Raise

This exercise requires you to lie on your back with hands beneath your head. Extend your legs straight and from this position; raise them upward, perpendicular to the floor. Hold the position for a moment. Then, return to the initial position. Once you master the basic form, elevate the exercise by not letting the feet touch the floor between reps. This is one exercise that requires you to keep your back rigid, so be cautious if you have back problems.


  1. Jackknife

To perform a jackknife, lay down on the floor on your back. Extend your arms straight behind your head. Extend the body and legs too. While you breathe out, bend at the waist and raise your arms and legs at the same time. Your body must form a V-shape. The upper body should be off the floor. Inhale and return to the initial position and repeat at least 15 times. This works out your thighs, glutes and the lower abs.


  1. Scissors

This is the easiest ab exercise ever. You need to lie on your back. Similar to the leg raise, you must lie with your legs raised upwards, perpendicular to the floor. From there, move them one leg at a time. Bring your right leg down but stop a few inches from the floor while pulling your left leg toward the chest. Alternate between the two legs and repeat.


  1. Bird Dog Crunch

This is a great workout to tone your arms along with lower abs. Get down on all fours, with palms flat on the floor and supporting yourself on the knees. Keep your back straight and rigid. From the initial position, extend one of your arms forward and the opposite leg backward. Continue extending until both limbs become almost parallel to the floor. Bring the limbs back toward the body so that the knee and elbow just touch. Extend the same limbs back outward to complete a set. Now do the same with switching the limbs and repeat alternatively.


  1. Down Dog Abs

To do this exercise, start with a downward dog pose, where you face the floor with palms flat on the ground. Push your weight onto your heels and extend the tailbone upwards. Now, lift your leg upwards so that the glutes are engaged. From this position, breathe out and bring the left knee toward you to work the ab muscles. While inhaling, lift the left leg back up. This completes a rep. Do 10 reps with each leg for good results.


  1. Glider Plank to Pike

Start, as you would do for a plank with palms flat on the floor. Keep your hands shoulder-width apart. Extend your legs and engage your core. Place your toes on a set of gliders to complete the initial position. The gliders can be towels, paper plates or anything. Pull your feet in toward the chest. Make sure to keep the back and legs as straight as possible.  Hold the position for a second and slide the feet back out. This completes a rep. Repeat as many times as needed. This doubles as a cardio workout too.


  1. Bicycle Crunch

This ab exercise is one of the best to strengthen the obliques. This is a little complex so make sure you’re doing it the proper way to get the most benefit. Lie on your back with knees up to make a right angle. Place your hands by your temple. Then do a normal crunch but perform a bicycle motion with your legs as well. While doing the crunch, twist sideways too. So, when you’re twisting to the right side, bring in the right knee and do the same for the left side. Alternate between the two positions.


These are just some of the many exercises that make a great lower ab workout routine. Mix them, create a routine that works for you and follow it diligently. Working out each section of the ab is also important to ensure uniform muscle development. Stay fit!


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