Ridiculously simple way to lose 5 kilos by the next week!

Sir: I want to lose 5 kgs by the next week. I am getting married/I have a photo shoot/ I have a date(Insert stupid reason.)

Me: Sure, you can do so just follow the keto/banana/salad/fruit (insert fad) diet.

When I get questions like this, it puts me in an ethical dilemma!!

Should I tell the secret?? There are actually ways you can lose 4-5 kgs in a week. But you are going to regain it and more even faster than a week. Plus you are going to feel pathetic about it!!

Or, should I consider the greater good for humanity and try to talk some sense into customer and put him on the long term journey?

Whatever you choose, remember that nothing worthwhile comes by shortcut. It takes effort, hard work and patience to get the body you want and it also gives you a sense of accomplishment.


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