Tips to Stay Fit during Vacation

Who doesn\’t like to travel? But it can get difficult to stay fit during vacations. It\’s very common to put on weight, lose shape and strength if you are going on long vacations. This is because of the poor diet and lack of exercise. If you want to Stay Fit during vacation follow these 10 tips.

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A secret guide to stay fit during vacation

Are you worried about how to stay fit during vacation? A vacation is probably the best treat you can give yourself. Long road trips, sunbathing at the beach, and quality time with friends can do wonders to reduce your stress. But if you follow a strict fitness regime, you may have to think twice. Because you don\’t want your vacation to cost you 2 pounds in return. I know it\’s not fair at all. But you don\’t have to see your summer vacations as a fitness killer. With proper planning and a few things in mind, you can prevent your vacation from Interrupting your fitness routine.

What goes wrong during holidays and why do we put on weight?

We travel more and work less, this does not happen to everybody but is usually is the case. We don\’t go to gym or regular walk or yoga class or whatever we do when we are traveling. Thus we are burning lesser calories.
We eat more! Of course, it\’s party time. More food means more calories and thus more fat.
An even bigger issue is that we eat more of outside food.
Problem with outside food is, it\’s not designed for health, its designed for appearance and taste. Which means it contains more sugar and more fats thus disrupting the overall balance of diet.

Let\’s start with things we can do be better equipped in these situations.

Search for hotels with included kitchenette

Almost all the booking sites like etc have this filter to select hotels with kitchen, use it.


Prepare food yourself

It sounds funny but it is definitely possible. Whichever part of the world you go, you can always find simple food options like bread, butter, jams, peanut butter just grab the stuff and make your own breakfast. Simple and steady breakfast, good to fill you up and at the same time you can easily keep track of your diet.


But the breakfast is complimentary from the hotel???

I know, hotels offer complimentary breakfast and it\’s convenient and I am on a holiday.
Fine, let me give you some options at the breakfast table.
Look out for the meat, fish and eggs options. If you can eat non-veg, this should be your first preference.
Reason – eggs, and meats contain protein and fats, which helps stabilize your metabolism and provides you with proteins & good fats.
It\’s best to avoid carbs like bread, rice, potato, poha, pasta, upma, parantha etc at this point of the day.
Why – because when you are traveling, carbs are available everywhere- you get them in every shop, every restaurant, however getting protein is difficult.

Prepare yourself for the trip

Simple gadgets can go a long way in managing your health.
\"FruitI keep this handy gadget with me all the times. With a juicer, you can make shakes, smoothies, just grab some dry fruits & some fruit from a nearby shop and you are ready with a quick snack.
Electric kettle, this one\’s my favorite. You can boil eggs, make tea, soups, vegetables, daal even chicken in this gadget.

Ready-made snacks

Dry fruits are without a doubt the healthiest snacks available to you while traveling. Don\’t buy trail mix. Get a small box and make your own mix of dry fruits like almonds, walnuts, cashews, and raisins. and you can munch on them while on the go.

Gym kit

Alright, this kit is a bit for the geeky folks like me who cannot stay without a workout. Check this one, it just awesome, a little heavy though and you can only carry this if you are traveling in your own vehicle.

A more doable kit for the average person may contain the following:
A mat, skipping rope (if you like doing it, I don\’t), water/shaker bottle, mp3/music player, elastic rope, towel, I love to carry my bcaa\’s & creatine as well.

But where do I exercise, there is not enough space in my room?

Carry your protein

This should have been the first point, nevertheless, keep a jar and load it with proteins, lot\’s of it. You can have the protein any time of the day from breakfast to dinner.

Carry protein/Mrp bars

There are some good bars available in the market. You can carry them and have them as a snack, they can even replace one meal of your day.

Quick Tip: While looking for protein bars, read the label of ingredients, not the flashy brand name. For example, brand name might say power packed protein Bar. But when you look at the ingredients in the tiniest fonts at the back, you find that it\’s loaded with carbs and sugar with just 9-10 gms protein per 100 gms. Don\’t buy it. Look for the ones with at least 25-30 gms protein per 100 gms.

For Meal Replacement bar: Again look for the ones with more protein and fat content (yes eating fat is not bad)  and lesser carb content.

Drinks  – How can I miss this point?

Drink to enjoy, not to show off & don\’t be this guy.


With drinks, you want to keep in mind that it\’s very easy to over-consume. When drinking just remember that this is not the last day on earth and there would be more vacations and you will live to drink more.

How to stay fit during summer vacation 

Summer vacation can be a great way to take some time off your busy life and enjoy. But how to ensure that we stay fit during summer vacation? Whether traveling for work or spending beach time with family, this guidepost will help you stay fit during summer vacation and ensure your fitness regime doesn’t go off track.

Watch what you eat

While on vacation, it gets very easy to go overboard with food. Restaurant dishes look healthy and tempting, but they can be packed with calories and fat. Similarly, cocktails and sweet dishes can also steal your gains. Hence, it\’s important to keep a check on what you consume. I wouldn\’t ask to refrain from enjoying restaurant food. But choosing the right food to eat can help you stay fit during summer vacation. You can always ask waiters to do some modifications in the dish to make it more healthy for you.

Want to stay fit during vacation? then Avoid binge drinking 

Trying out some exotic cocktails and the chilled bear is something that most people look forward to on a vacation. But beige drinking can lead to hangovers and unwanted fat. Hence, you should keep a check on how much alcohol you consume during vacation.

Book hotel with personal kitchen 

If you are staying in a hotel room, look for one that has a personal kitchen. This will allow you to cook healthy snacks on your own. Buy groceries to prepare meals instead of ordering food from a restaurant. This way, you can eat healthily, save money and not end up overeating food from outside. By cooking your own healthy food, you can stay fit during vacation.

Smart packing is key to stay fit during vacation

One way to ensure you stay fit during vacation is to pack your exercise essentials. Before you begin packing, make a list of things you will need. Your running shoes, yoga mat, shorts, and jumping rope should be in your bags. A resistance band can come in really handy to provide you both upper and lower body workouts. Also, they take up very little space.

Don\’t rush, eat your breakfast first  

No matter how excited you are about the next morning plan, you should eat your breakfast first. Breakfast is an important meal of the day. It can give you much-needed energy for all the activities planned for the day. Hence, choose a protein-rich breakfast before you start your day.

Stay hydrated

Your water bottle is your best companion when traveling. You are more likely to be dehydrated when you are out in the sun during vacation. Make sure you drink at least 3-4 liters of water while traveling.

Stay in shape workout routine while on vacation 

Traveling and staying in shape can be hard. But it can definitely coexist if you plan your work out accordingly. Here are some tips for a workout routine while on vacation. This exercise doesn\’t require much time or any heavy gym equipment to perform. You just need to be motivated and a little creative to continue your workout routine while on vacation.

Choose a full-body workout

When you are on vacation, you wouldn\’t like to spend hours working out. After all, you have planned the vacation to spend time doing other fun activities. Hence, you should choose an exercise that gives maximum results with less time and effort. Focus on a full-body workout in one go rather than training one muscle at a time. Squats, bench presses, and deadlifts can be perfect to work out when you\’re on a vacation.

HIIT is your way to stay fit during vacation

High-intensity interval training(HIIT) is the best training style when you are on low on time. It\’s an easy way to get your heart rate up, sweat out, and get the best results. Another benefit of HIIT workouts is that it doesn\’t take long to complete. You don\’t even need a gym to perform it. Just yourself and a resistance band can be enough for the win.

How to stay active while on vacation

If you want to stay active while on vacation without creating time for a workout, it’s totally understandable. No one wants their routine to follow them even when on a vacation. But if you keep the following points in mind, staying active while on vacation can become easy.

Take the stairs

This is the easiest way to stay active while on vacation. Taking long stairs can be great cardio for you. So ditch the lift and take the stairs to the hotel. You can look for the longer route and run up and down to burn calories. So next time when your friends are calling for a lift, choose the other way for yourself.

Walk around and explore 

Whenever visiting a new place or exploring the market, prefer to walk on foot instead of taking local transmission. It will help you burn some calories as well as allow you a chance to see things closely. So walk around unless you have a time restriction.

Be up for the adventure

Always look for opportunities to indulge in adventure activities. For example, when traveling to a hill location, go climbing and join hiking. When on a beach, try sailing or surfing. These activities will not only help you stay active while on vacation but give you a lifetime experience.

Start your day with a heavy breakfast

You should take your breakfast seriously and make it healthy and heavy. Especially when you know you have a long day planned. Good breakfast will fuel you up and keep you going the entire day.

How to stay fit while traveling for work

If your profession involves a lot of traveling, you may want to take your planning a little more seriously. There can still be ways to stay fit while traveling for work and attending multiple meetings. Here are few things you can do to stay fit while traveling for work.

Carry resistance band and a skipping rope

Skipping rope and resistance and can easily accommodate without taking up much space. They will ensure that your workout continues despite being away from home. Make sure you use them as your workout equipment wherever you get time.

Keep protein bars with yourself

Protein bars are the best healthy snack you can eat to stay fit while traveling for work. They not only a good source of energy but can also keep your hunger at bay. It’s ideal to eat protein bars between meals, so you don’t end up overeating at a restaurant.

Workout in a park or room

It may be possible that your hotel doesn\’t have a gymnasium. But that should not be an excess to skip your workout. You can still exercise in your room or find a park nearby your hotel. Just a couple of push-up. Squats and burpees are good enough to keep you on track. So go out and spot a spark to work out to stay fit while traveling for work.

Plan things ahead

You can look for the best suitable options in the city you are traveling to. Study good places for healthy food and hotels with a gym. Some hotels also allow pre-booking of meals. You can always look for the menu and plan your diet beforehand.

How to stay fit on a road trip

How to maintain your fitness regime and stay fit on a road trip is a challenge itself. Of course, you can not accommodate your gym and kitchen in your car. But a few things in mind can help you stay fit on road trips.

First thing first, you need to be smart when it comes to snacks. Fill up your bag with fruits, nuts, and easy-to-eat healthy snacks. When it comes to eating meals, you can choose more plant-based food. Green vegetables and healthy carbs are good for energy and metabolism. Carry a reusable bottle with yourself so you stay hydrated all the time because water is essential to stay fit on a road trip.

You can try some simple and effective exercise while on a road trip too. Jumping jacks, pushups, burpees, squats and sit-ups are some exercises you can do in your hotel or a nearby park. Taking time to rest is also important. You wouldn’t be able to enjoy your trip or exercise if you are tired and drowsy all the time.

How to perform strength training while traveling

It may seem complicated to perform strength training while traveling. It is not easy to find a gym on a road. But if you are staying in a hotel, it’s best to look for one that has a gym. Or if not, there are still some ways to do strength training with the gym. We usually have two options for strength training. The first is lifting weights and the second is relying on portable equipment such as resistance bands. These exercise bands are made of stretchable tubes and can have the same effect as weight lifting. So get yourself one so you can continue your strength training while traveling. Another great thing about these bands is that they can easily be carried in your luggage. You can use these bands to allow your body to take resistance force and target all muscles.

You have to be creative when it comes to strength training while traveling. Look for things you can use to make your workout more effective. While doing squats, find something heavy that you can hold. Use a chair for single-leg squats and stairs for lunges. If there is something you can use to do pull-ups, do try that.

How to lose weight while traveling for work 

Planning to lose weight while traveling for work? This can be a little tricky but doable. What you need is to plan your diet so you can maintain your nutrition and energy levels. You also need to ensure that you increase your physical activity level so your body burns more fat.

A proper diet is crucial when it comes to losing weight while traveling. Instead of relying on restaurant food completely, you can do your own arrangements. You can pack nuts, fruits, seeds, and healthy snacks to keep your hunger cramp away. Munching on these snacks can also decrease your hunger. This means you will avoid overeating restaurant foods, which may be full of calories. It is also a good idea to tell hotel staff to do some modifications to your food. Such as less usage of oil and salt. Hydration is also a key component to lose weight while traveling for work. Getting adequate water can help boost your metabolism and lose fat. So keep your water bottle close to you. Sipping on green tea or coconut water during long hours meetings can also be helpful.

Besides diet, you may also want to focus on fitting simple workouts into your routine. This will ensure that you feel active and lose weight while traveling for work. If you have no access to the hotel gym, go out for running. You can also try easy exercises such as pushups, squats, and burpees in your room or nearby park. Look for every opportunity to get your body active and moving. For example, taking stairs instead of lifts and walking the long route.

Stay fit during vacation Questions:

How do you stay fit when your routine changes situation you are on vacation?

The best way to stay fit when your routine changes during vacation are to make smart eating decisions. Avoid binge eating or drinking and fit easy exercises into your schedule to stay fit.

How do I exercise while traveling?

Try out simple workouts that don’t require equipment such as squats, pushups, and burpees. You can carry a resistance band with you to exercise while traveling.

Is it okay to not work out on vacation?

Yes, it is completely ok to not work out on vacation. But you should keep your diet in check and try to be active if you want to stay fit during vacation.

How can I maintain muscle mass while on vacation?

To maintain muscle mass while on vacation, use rubber bands or weights to continue your strength training. Watch out for binge drinking and focus on getting a healthy diet packed with protein.

How do you lift weights while traveling?

Finding a gym can be the best to lift weights while traveling. But in case there is no gym, a resistance band can be a great tool to exercise when traveling.

What keeps you from being more active?

Lack of sleep and overconsumption of alcohol or food can keep you from being more active on a vacation.

How do I stay lean without working out?

Staying lean requires regular exercise and strength training. But if you can’t do a workout, you can still become lean by eating the right food and staying physically active.

What is the best way to stay in shape?

The best way to stay in shape is to avoid junk and processed food and be more active in life. Regular exercise can help you avoid gaining unwanted weight.

What should I eat to stay fit?

Foods that you should eat to stay fit include green vegetables, fruits, whole grains, eggs, chicken, and fish. It is important to follow a well-balanced diet to stay fit for a longer run.

When should you stop working out?

Regular exercise is a great way to build muscles but you also need to give them proper rest to grow. When your muscles are tired, you should stop working out and give time to recover.

Will I lose my gains on vacation?

No, with the right eating habits and regular exercise you will not lose your gains on vacation. You can stay fit even on vacation if you plan things smartly.

Can you maintain muscle by working out once a week?

Yes, you can maintain muscle by workout out once a week. Try to focus on high-intensity and high-volume exercise to target your full body.

Will I lose muscle in a week?

No, you wouldn’t lose muscle in a week. Taking one week off from the gym will not decrease muscle mass. Your muscles size gets reduced by 11% if you are inactive for more than ten days.

How do you stay fit while camping?

To stay fit while camping, do an easy workout whenever you eat time and choose healthy food over junk. It is also important to drink enough water to stay hydrated.

What to use as weights when traveling?

You can use a resistance band as a weight when traveling. You can also use heavy objects such as wooden a box or furniture to hold while doing squats.

Stay Fit During Vacation Summary

Staying in shape while traveling can be difficult. But it is truly manageable. You might be looking forward to a family vacation, while still trying to lose the extra pound you gained this year. If that is your case, you should think twice. I don’t believe that fitness should make you compromise on other parts of your life. By being well prepared and making the right decisions, fitness and vacations can definitely go hand in hand. And you can definitely stay fit during vacation.

Your turn, if you have any tips or suggestions do share in the comments.

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