Stop Treating your body like a Maths Problem!

Should I do Cardio twice a week or thrice a week? Or should I eat 200 gms of protein or 207.6 gms ??

Member: For fat loss, should I do cardio twice a week or thrice a week?

Me: I need to look into more details.

Member: I am taking 2145 calories, 207 gms of protein, 236 gms of carbs and 79.61 gms of fat. Are these fine for fat loss?

Me: I need more details to answer.

I wish I could answer these questions, I wish I were a magician!

The truth comes from the scientists, not from doctors or experts like me! Scientists who conduct real research in their labs say that we understand very little about our human body.

One of the top sports nutritionist Daniel Gastelu wrote in his book that Sports Nutrition is a Science and an Art.

What this means is, there is no accurate answer! There are only estimates!

When somebody wants to lose fat, they start with a basic estimate of their

    Daily caloric needs
    Daily macronutrient needs
    Weekly workout volume
    Weekly cardiovascular volume

And this is just a plan, to get the best results. What happens at the end of two weeks could be completely different!

Infact, you may end up gaining some muscle and fat, instead of fat loss. Does that mean Sports Nutrition doesnt work?? NO!!

After you have applied science, you now need to use art. Study your two-week results and make the necessary adjustments.

Maybe you can

    Cut more calories
    Change protein/carb/fat intake
    Add more cardio
    Reduce workouts

These are some of the many options you can do, to get better results next week.

And this is also the reason why I dont sell single diet plans. Transformation is a continuous process.

And I apply the principles of both Science and Art based on years of experience in my 6 months to superhero program.


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