How Weight Lifting changed my life?

It\’s been over 20 years since I have been lifting weight. Weight lifting changed my life completely. I want to share 11 things that lifting changed in me.

11 ways in which weight lifting changed my life forever

Weight lifting changed my life and taught me how to become a better professional, better in my business; it gave me something to give back to the society

1. Lifting weights changed my life I became more responsible

It taught me to take responsibility. Getting an exceptional physique is nobody birth right and just going to gym and expecting great physique never works. Lifting weights changed my life and Result only came when I took full responsibility of my situation and started working from there.

2. How strength training changed my life – I found Purpose of my life

I was not one of the bright students in school. I wasn’t interested in sports either. Exercise and Nutrition are the only two subject I ever studied.

How strength training changed my life? It got me hooked. Fitness and health has become a part of my identity now.

3. In the Gym we were all Same on the floor

It put me on a level field- I stopped complaining that somebody has got more money, better car, better job or any other worldly thing for that matter. In gym we were all equal.

4. Weightlifting changed my life I became more Disciplined

Every single day, I would learn the same thing – I need to be more focused on my diet. I need to eat at right time and the right food and the right quantity. Every single cardio session would teach me to refrain from junk food. Weightlifting changed my life completely. People would ask me why don’t you do late night party, why do you need to wake up early. I knew because I understood my body. I need to sleep on time and wake up early to cook and go to gym to mark another productive day.

Here’s what my Favourite Bodybuilder Larry Scott said

Motivate the mind , the body will follow~Larry Scott

5. I learnt the value of Patience

I’ve seen people paying membership fee and never joining gym, I’ve seen people leaving gym after 2-3 weeks of struggle. It too much of pain for them. I went to gym for two years straight with no results. No, absolutely nothing. The only thing that was changing was my knowledge. I was researching like a nerdy scientist. Failure, lack of progress taught me how to be patient.

The first thing that the sport taught me is that you cannot expect instant results.

6. The shift – From Boy to a Man

Body building taught me to be a man. I learnt to deal with pain. I was never afraid of pain from sore muscles or from a heavy workout. Many times I would just crash on the floor after a crazy legs workout, but it was all worth it. Every single time my ability to deal with pain increased and I got stronger not just physically but mentally.

7. Weightlifting changed my life – it taught me Indifference

Before getting into bodybuilding I was a total foodie. Specially junk foodie. But after years and years of training and dieting I lost the taste of junk food. I remember a day I was out with some friends after a show, where they ordered pizza’s and burger (I got an iced tea). I was looking at their food and to my surprise the first thing I did mentally was to calculate the overall calories, carbohydrates, fat and protein content of that burger basis the ingredients I saw. I didn’t feel any sort of craving or mouth watering feeling looking at my once favourite food. It was freaky to see myself so indifferent to things I once liked so much, but I guess I had changed.

8. How lifting weights changed my life? I started focusing on Solutions rather than problems

It taught me to look for answer. I would see people going around trainers and coaches and keep asking for help. I took the other route, back in the day when internet was young, I got hooked, I studied every single article on every single Wesbite. I studied every single ebook on bodybuilding that I could find on the internet.  I tried every single concept, technique, strategy, some worked, and some didn’t. how lifting weights changed my life – it taught me to keep looking for answers and never stop.

9. Bodybuilding changed my life – I realised the value of Quality over Quantity

During my early days, I literally use to live in the gym;  2-3 hours of weight training every day plus 1-2 hours of cardio. As I learned more and progressed I realised it was not required anymore. Bodybuilding changed my life – I value quality and intense workouts over long hours of training. These days I don’t workout more than 50 mins to an hour and that too no more than 5 days a week. And I can still shape my body the way I want.

10. How bodybuilding changed my life- Bodybuilding gave me Visibility

Till my early school days I was invisible. Nobody knew me and nobody wanted to know me.

How bodybuilding changed my life? My physique gave me visibility. People now wanted to talk to me, know me. Everybody wanted to know how I did it.

11. I started giving back

It gave me something to contribute. Whatever I studied in college or school was completely useless to me. But with this new found knowledge and skill of health and fitness I was able to change [su_highlight background=”#ffffff” color=”#EA0601″]lives of people.[/su_highlight]

Make them fit, healthy and disease free.

12 I became a reader

If there is one thing that has helped me fast track my results, it is books. I read a ton of books and research papers. Here is list of bodybuilding books I suggest you to read.

[su_highlight background=”#ffffff” color=”#EA0601″]Best Bodybuilding Books[/su_highlight]

If you are looking for scientific research, go here

Now its your turn

Share your thoughts on how weight lifting changed your life and what are your goals now!

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