What gets measured gets managed!

The art of building muscle & losing fat.

Some time back, I was reading a book on management and I found this interesting quote by Peter Drucker,
What gets measured gets managed.

Very interesting!!

As a Superhero, what do you really need to measure?

Strength level: They should increase consistently. More strength more muscle!

Energy intake levels: Depending on your goals you should be either increasing them or cutting them.

Macros level: Depending on your goal you should be changing them every 2-3 weeks.

Activity level: If you are on a fat loss goal you should know how much activity you need in order to stay on the fat loss zone.

Your body starts adapting to your workouts, so you need to keep changing the exercises or the routines.

Here\’s a screenshot of my last week\’s progress.

–screenshot from Fitbit

Are you tracking your progress??


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