5 things your trainer never told you

Or probably they didn\’t know it themselves!

Changing workouts:

Change of workouts every other week is a total waste of time and lost opportunity. We don\’t need 10 different types of exercise to build biceps or legs. Just 2 to 3 are enough.

What’s really important is the progression in those exercises.

For example, if you are doing squats for leg press then only two things matter. How much are you lifting and whether your lifts increasing over time?

Cardio is not a substitute for diet:

You see, to burn fat we need to first create that environment in our body. Which happens in a caloric deficit state. One in that state if you do additional cardio we would be tapping into fat sources. But if you are already well fed, doing cardio would just burn that food you consumed and no body fat would be burned.

Regular Strength Training:

Doing strengthening every day is a waste of time. Yes! That’s right! Your workout should be intense and demanding enough that you simply don’t need to work out the next day. Give yourself a day to recover and come back with full zest.

Patience is the key:

Fat loss never happens linearly. That means you don\’t lose 1 kg/week. Sometimes you lose 2 kg, sometimes 1 kg, sometimes none. That doesn\’t mean you are doing it wrong. You have to wait and watch for at least 2-3 weeks before deciding to change your workout or diet.

Prefer low weights:

Going from low reps to high reps during fat loss is another big mistake. When you do high reps you invariably have to lift lighter weights which means your muscle does not need to the size to lift heavy weights. Just the opposite of what we want. Best is to use additional cardio/plyometric exercises to lose fat.


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