How to train like a beast and still get ripped?

What do you need to train like a beast?

The latest protein supplement or the latest pre-workout or some special amino acid??

Not really, to train like a beast you gotta eat like a beast. Yes!! Lots of carbs like rice, potatoes, bread, chapati etc

These are the real foods that give real strength and creates the environment to build massive size.

But, with strength comes a real-time problem, too many calories means too much fat!!

So, how do you stay ripped while building strength?

Well, the answer is already been discovered by scientists. There are ways to gain muscle faster by creating an anabolic environment in our body.

Also, there are ways to create maximum fat loss without losing muscle by creating a catabolic environment in the body by doing just the right type of exercise.

To sum up, what you need to do is to put these things together and get the formula to build a superhero!

This is exactly what you get in my 6 months to superhero program.


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