7 Ways to Break Fat loss plateau !

Are you struggling to lose more fat?

While we all want to look good and ripped, fat loss is not something very appealing to our body, genetically.
Why? Very simple! Fat is the one dense source of energy, and our body likes to preserve it in case of emergency!

Many times when you are training and dieting long enough, you may get a plateau and be stuck for weeks

Open your notebook and take notes, you are going to get words of wisdom here!

Increase your protein intake:

      • Yes! Protein invariably leads to increased metabolism and muscle gain. If you are already taking more 3 gms per kg you can skip this part.

Check your fat content:

      • Sports nutrition research has found an optimal fat % as 20% to 35% of your total diet. If you are taking less or more than bring it back.

Cut back your carbs:

      • Yes! You can cut back to your carbs to almost 0.5 gms per kg body weight. Beyond this point, it’s just not required any more.

Do Intermittent fasting

      • With intermittent fasting, you are essentially increasing the window of fat burning. You don\’t have to start with 16:8 right away! Just begin with 12:12 and gradually build up to 20:4.

Carb cycling:

      • One of my all time favourite! A lot of people get confused with the whole calculations and stuff. But here is a simple rule! Take 1 high carb per day, replenish muscle and lift heavy. For the next two days go low carb with fat burning workouts.

Semi-Fasted cardio:

      • If you have not tried, then you should do it. Take whey protein at least one scoop or two and proceed for cardio. Do not exceed 20-30 minutes here!

Reverse diet:

      • Yes! If you exhausted your carbs and doing a lot of cardio and get to a plateau, reverse dieting is your way out! What you do is very simple! Just increase 200 calories in your daily diet maintaining the same carbohydrate-protein-fat %.

Keep doing this for another 3-4 weeks. You would notice that your weight is not increasing, your body fat is also the same. But, your strength and metabolism increase, giving great enthusiasm to lose your fat, again!

There you have my friend! 7 weapons to defeat the dreaded fat loss plateau!

Keep in mind though, these are plateau breaking techniques. So, use them as just a variation. Don’t keep doing them forever.


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