Why vegetarian bodybuilders are destined to fail?

First of all, there are a few topics that I don\’t like to write or talk about.

Why? Because most people take these topics on a religious level and not really the scientific level.

Anyhow, since you read these emails I believe you have the right to know the science. So, let\’s dive in!

As bodybuilders, we need protein and a lot of it. And not just quantity, but quality as well.

So, How do you define the quality of the protein?

One of the easiest ways to define quality is, checking the amino acid composition of the protein. Does it contain all the 9 essential amino acids? If yes, then it is a complete protein!

The 9 essential amino acids are those, which our body cannot make and thus is dependent on external food sources.

So, you might be wondering what’s the deal with these amino acids and protein! I am taking my pulses, beans and what not! I am meeting my daily protein intake of 150 gms.

Well, here the scientific deal.

Whatever protein food we eat, is broken down by our body into amino acids (amino acids combine together to make protein).

Now, these amino acids (from food) and certain others made in our body combine together to form an amino acid pool.

Our body then uses this pool of amino acids to create different types of proteins which can be used for growth, repair, muscle building etc

So far so good. But, here is the problem! Creating protein from an amino acid is a go-no-go situation!

That means, if our body wants to create protein and even one particular amino acid is missing in the pool, then our body would not be able to create that protein. Such a bummer and a deal breaker!

Moreover, as our vegetarian foods lack one or the other essential amino acids, our body finds it difficult to create the proteins that are required to build muscle and support growth.

So, that\’s why you see so many vegan bodybuilders drinking tons of protein shakes and taking amino acids pills to supplement their diets.


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