Why you should check your weight daily if you are serious about fat loss?

The logic behind daily weight check is madness!

(add kaizen logic here)
This is the story of Sam, who wants to lose fat and get fit. He is following a calculated diet and workout routine.
And here is what happens to his weight over the Week 1 & Week 2.

Week 1


Week 2


The above figures reflect how his body weight fluctuates every day over the last two weeks. The only catch here is, Sam is not taking his weight every day, rather taking measurements on Saturday every week. Sam is not aware of his actual weight changes.

In Sam’s understanding, his weight for Week 1 was 80.2 and on Week 2 it was 80.1. Sam goes back to his coach and reports that he has not lost any weight, which is true!

His coach, in turn, reduces his caloric intake by 200-300 calories, increases his workout volume by 10%.

What happens next is, Sam started

    • 1. Losing weight faster.


    • 2. Losing some strength as well.


    3. Feeling more hungry and tired in the day.

Whereas, if Sam had the actual figures of the entire week, the Avg ones, his weight on Week 1 was 79.5 and on Week 2, 79.1. So Sam lost 400gms in a week.

Sam goes back to his coach and reports this figure.

His coach looks at these figures. He is satisfied with his progress and also checks Sam’s lifts. Eventually, he finds out that there is no decrease in his strength. He feels fine with the progress and doesn’t make any further calorie cut or increase in the workout volume.

Sam is happy, he can continue the routine another week, and lose some more fat, before making other changes in the diet and workout.


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