I am taking Test, Tren, HGH and Amp and still not losing fat!

This happened a few days ago in the gym.

Trainer: Adi bro! I need help! I have a client, and he is not losing fat.

Me: Okay! How long has been working out?

Trainer: I am giving him PT, for the last three months. Workouts are intense!!

Bro, tell me what to do! He is taking Test c, Tren. A month ago I started HGH. I have started giving AMP injections since last week. He is gaining strength and size but not losing fat!

Me: Aha, What\’s his diet?

Trainer: Diet is super clean. Only boiled chicken, egg whites, Isoprotein and Oats, and some dry fruits. He is also taking pre-workout and BCAA.

Me: I meant how many calories, carbs and protein every day?

Trainer: I don\’t know that! But, he is eating only clean food.

Does this sound familiar to you too? I\’ve heard this way too often now. It seems like the trainer is experimenting on the client to see which steroid will help in fat loss.

Despite spending so much money the client is over 30% body fat (I saw him later in the gym) not to mention health issues he is going to face with so many drugs.

The obvious answer to this question is to calculate maintenance calories and eat less. And stop taking useless steroids.

If you want to lose fat without burning your pocket and without risking your health, you need professional help and not experimenting.

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