Max Protein Bar for Maximum Muscle!

So I got this question on Quora, where a gentleman asked me, can I take Max Protein Bar to build muscle.

Good question!

But what is really a good question?

A good question is the one (in my humble opinion) which cannot be answered in yes or no but needs a certain amount of debate and analysis.

So, let\’s talk about protein bars first.

With Max protein bar (67 gms serving), you are getting

    20 gms protein
    31 gm carbohydrate
    9.8 gms fat

Well, first things first! This is NOT a protein bar. It\’s basically a meal replacement bar. A protein bar by definition contains just Protein and no to very little carbs and fats.

Now coming back to the original question, can this help to build muscle.

Theoretically, yes! If you are doing strength training regularly and getting the minimal amount of protein required, you will build muscle.

But let\’s just say your diet is poor otherwise and you are not getting enough protein then biting your Max protein bar may only give you 20 gms of protein which would not be enough to build muscle.

And if you are not doing any workouts either, then this is just a tasty treat, you are not going to see any difference by eating protein bars.

The reality is, this is a wrong question, to begin with. You should rely on whole foods and protein supplements for your daily protein intake.

Protein bars should be kept only in case of emergency when you can\’t eat anything else.


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