How to get veins in arms?

So, I was in the gym yesterday and this gentleman who also workout at the same time. All of a sudden, he stopped his workout and started to have a conversation.

Gentleman: How do I get veins?

Me: Sorry, didn\’t get you?

Gentleman: (Looking at my arms) How do I get veins?

Me: Ah, you mean veins like these I have in my arms?

Gentleman: Yes, I am trying everything, I take 5-6 cups of green tea every day, but it\’s not working.

(Before, I tell you more this gentleman is like those guys who\’ve been hitting the gym for years and can lift weights, but they have a lot of weight. By rough estimates he should be having around 28-30% body fat with a big belly)

Me: Aha, for that, you need to lose weight. I am guessing you are around 20-25 kgs overweight.

Gentleman: That\’s ok, but how do I get veins?

Me: Bro, you do not understand! To have veins visible, you need to have thin skin. Which means you need to lose the subcutaneous fat on your skin. In other words, you need to lose weight and a lot of it.

Gentleman: I am taking XYZ pre-workout, ABC BCAA as well. Won\’t that work?

Me: Has it? No matter how much supplements you take, how many hours you workout in the gym. Until you lose a significant amount of fat and get down to 10-12% body fat, you are not going to see any veins.

Finally, the guy frowned and left.

Lol!! I fail to understand why people can\’t hear the truth! It seems like there is a pill for everything!

Anyways, if you are smart and understand that long-term fat loss and muscle building is the key to looking ripped and vascular then go here.


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