Don’t ejaculate! You may lose hard earned muscle!

Pupil: Master, will ejaculation cause muscle loss?

Socrates: Pupil, why do you ask that?

Pupil: Master, I came to know that masturbation decreases testosterone level.

Socrates: Student, come with me, I shall enlighten you.

Ejaculation can cause a temporary decrease in testosterone levels.

One study proves, that after restraining for 3 weeks, a group of men had a slight increase in their testosterone levels, .5ng/ml on average.

However, even when the subjects ejaculate, their testosterone levels did not change.

As an interesting side note, ejaculation causes an immediate spike in testosterone levels 10-15ng/ml for a shorter duration of 20-30 minutes.

However, what’s interesting to note here is these changes in testosterone levels are insignificant from the point of muscle building.

A study shows that when there is a baseline increase in testosterone levels required to promote muscle growth, and it was about 30%. That is a baseline level of 1300ngl/ml.

Pupil: So what\’s the message here?

Socrates: It\’s quite simple. Ejaculation will not cause muscle loss.


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