Why you are not ready to get ripped?

Let me tell you why!

A lot of people come to me and tell me, \”Adi bro! I am ready to get ripped, tell me what to do?\”

All I ask them is, \”Are you really ready?\”

Mostly I get the reply like, \”Yes! I am willing to cut outside food! I will take protein shakes and I will work out every day!\”

Lolz! In reality, that’s not enough at all!! The attitude is like Yoga girls! This is not how Men get ripped!!.

So now, let\’s check if you are really ready or not!

Are you willing to,

    • Count your calories and macros every day for the next 6 months?
    • Train harder than you have ever before?
    • Deal with hunger issues?
    • Deal with low energy levels and motivation?
    • Block all the distractions and be focused single-mindedly for the next six months?
    Keep diet and exercise as your number one priority? That means, the goal should be above your job/studies/family/relationships for the next 6 month!

If you answer Yes to all the questions above, then you can get the lean and muscular body you want.

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