What is wrong with my 6 weeks transformation challenge?

I am doing this 6 weeks transformation challenge!

And after 6 weeks, I will have ripped Abs!

Member: Hey bro! I did this 6 weeks transformation challenge!!

Me: Thats great! How was it?

Member: Bro! At first, it all was good. I was following it with full commitment. But after 2 weeks it got really difficult. Workouts were like 1.5 to 2 hours long and very little food to eat. I just couldn\’t follow it through!

Me: Hmm. So, What was the result and did you get ripped?

Member: Nah bro! I did lose some weight, but no definition or cutting. I don\’t understand what went wrong!!

Me: Well, the program was not good for you, that\’s where it went wrong!

Member: No Bro! The guy has millions of followers and he can\’t be wrong! According to him, I just couldn\’t follow it!

I could clearly see that it is difficult to talk sense when you are following someone like a religion.

But let’s look at some facts.

Let’s say you are 100 kg at 20% body fat. (I keep 100 kg, coz it makes calculations easier)

Now you want to see your Abs for the first time in life and you decide to go down to 10% body fat.

So that means you need to lose 10 kg body fat and hurray…!!

Well not so fast, unless you are taking lots of anabolic steroids and growth hormone, you are not going to lose just fat.

You are going to lose a lot of LBM as well. Various research done by scientists has found that natural competitive bodybuilders lose an average of 25 to 30% lean body mass during their cutting phase.

(But don\’t panic, lean body mass does not equal muscle mass, it comprises a lot of things like organs, bone, skin, connective tissues, hair, nails, body water etc.)

Hense, If you at 100 kg lost 10 kg weight, then that contains 7.5 kg fat and 2.5 LBM.

Now to actually lose 10 kg body fat and not weight you have to lose 10/.75 = 13.3 kg weight?

Now researches have further found that to keep the LBM loss minimum you should lose weight anywhere between .6% to 1% of your total body weight/week.

With 1% being maximum at which point you may lose up to 40% lean body mass.

Now coming back to our original number 13.3 kg and taking a safe bet,

if we lose .6% every week, then 13.3/.6 = 22 weeks

And if we take an aggressive approach, not minding the extra muscle loss than 13.33/1 = 13 weeks minimum.

Obviously, if you try to lose the same amount of weight in 6 weeks, the diet and workout would be too aggressive and you would feel like crap.

Anyhow, if you are smart and want to get the best results and all these calculations done for you, then go to my 6 months to superhero program.



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