What you should not do in the gym if you are overweight?

But you are told to do by trainers anyway!

Do you go to a fitness gym, the one with lots of trainers and equipment, bells and whistles?

Well, then you must have noticed something similar!

So, this is what happened last Saturday! I was in the gym and Saturdays are usually my refeed + compound lift days.

I usually eat heavy and train heavy these days.

Anyhow, as I was getting warmed up for deadlifts, I noticed something.

There is this young lad about 16-18 old, with fully developed fat bellies, love handles and matching bums. I am sure he loves pizzas and burgers!

So, the trainer was pushing this guy into countless burpees shouting get up, go down! Don\’t stop! Repeat!! And so forth.

This continued for another 10 minutes and the guy was literally exhausted!! Which is fine, I guess. As the trainer and the guy were both working really hard!!

But what’s wrong here was the form with which the guy was doing the exercise. Half of the time he was jumping on his ankles, pushing his ligaments and he basically just didn\’t have enough strength to balance his body if something goes wrong.

And this is where the problem is. Firstly, it is the wrong approach, to begin with! Exercises like burpees, mountain climbers, squat jumps etc are not beginner exercise. One needs to have some level of fitness to do them.

When enquiring with the trainer, he said \”That’ fine Adi bro. But, how does the guy lose weight then?\”

Glad you asked! This is the point I am trying to make, which everybody seems to miss.

You don\’t have to do the toughest exercise to lose weight, being out of breath is not a sign of fat loss. It simply means that you are burning energy at a rate which your body cannot produce.

Similarly, the same goes for muscle building. You don\’t have to lift the heaviest weight to build muscle.

Alright, so what do you suggest?

Very simple, start with the basic and fix the diet first.

Fun fact: Did you know? People can lose weight by just walking, without even going to the gym!

So clean up the diet first!

Next, evaluate your fitness level. Do it yourself or get a qualified trainer to do so.

Once you know your fitness level, then your exercise routine should be such that it pushes you just enough for growth and should not be killing you in the gym.

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