Why I don’t work with weight loss clients?

Some time back I got a message from a Bengali gentleman(GM) on Facebook. This gentleman wanted to lose some weight.

GM: Hello sir, I want to get fit.

Me: Hello Good morning. Tell me more about your fitness goals. And why are you not able to achieve them?

GM: Sir, I am 20 kg overweight and I just want to lose weight. I need your help!

Me: Ok, Have you checked my 6 months program on the website?

GM: Yes sir! But your program is very expensive! Our local dietician here in Kolkata gives a diet plan for just Rs.500!

And I went speechless!!

This gentleman is not alone! There are many people out there like him! And the fact is, he is right!!

If weight loss is your goal, you would never be able to justify the price of my programs.

Heck!! Why even pay 500 to the dietician? Why can not just do morning running, or stop eating after 7 pm or do a banana diet, or gm diet or mango diet?

The point is, I and he are never going to be a match! Because I will make him work hard in the gym with strict discipline and commitment to his goal.

Also, I will make him track his progress every week and stay laser-focused on his goals to achieve a head-turning physique!!

All I see is, he is looking for an easy shortcut to lose weight while sitting in his office. And that is why I don’t work with weight loss clients!

But if your goal is to build head-turning, eye-popping physique then this is your link.



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