Are you sick of following the same diet everyday?

A few years ago when I was competing, I was following a very meticulous diet. An exact number of calories, precise carbs, proteins and fats!

Also, doing workouts in a measured amount like an exact number of sets, reps, measured seconds of rest between sets. And the hard work was paying off!! But, I started seeing a pattern.

Every time I follow my diet for a few weeks, I start getting sick of it. Same chicken, eggs, rice, oats, olive oil, protein shakes, vegetables!

When I took off from competition and started giving coaching, I found it even more difficult to follow this type of diet.

So one fine day, I happen to read this article by this guy who is basically an animal trainer. He teaches monkeys to skate. No shit!! He is really teaching monkey’s to skate! I wondered how??

And this is what he did! Every time a monkey follows an order, he gives a mango to it, appreciating and cementing its good behaviour.

And I thought, what if I can include this psychology trick to my diet plans?

So next, I shortlisted suji halwa, aloo paratha and white pasta as my favourite dishes. I decided that every 4th day if I followed the diet as it is then I will eat one of these items as a reward.

And bingo!! The psychological mood issues were gone!!

The best part is, it did not affect my fat loss, because I calculated the exact amount of calorie in suji halwa (the amount of ghee, sugar and suji required) and adjusted my macros of the day from other foods.

You may recollect this is somewhat similar to IIFYM aka If It Fits Your Macros. But it\’s not! We are not replacing the whole diet, but just one meal every few days. Also, there is a reason why I don’t recommend IIFYM, but more on that another time.

So if you are looking for a flexible, non-boring way to get ripped go here.


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