Best Whey Protein

Did you know that Whey protein has been research-proven to help in losing weight, lowering cholesterol levels, reducing blood pressure, building muscle mass and strength.
With all these benefits you want to make sure that you are taking the best whey protein available on market.


Best Whey Protein


1. Optimum gold whey

  • Most popular and respected brand
  • Over 20 different flavors
  • Serving size 31 gms,
  • Cals 120
  • Protein 24 gms
  • Fat 1.5 gms
  • Carbs

Top quality protein and an excellent choice for beginners.

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2 Pro Jym

  • Brand of the year by
  • Developed by Dr. Jim Stoppani
  • Over 10 different flavors
  • Serving size 34 gms,
  • Cals 140
  • Protein 24 gms
  • Fat 2.5 gms
  • Carbs 4 gms

Protein blend with whey protein isolate, micellar casein, egg albumin, milk protein isolate.

The advantage with this protein is that it contains a blend of protein rather than just whey protein. Which means you get protein from a variety of sources plus it slows down the rate of absorption which means you have more muscle protein synthesis for longer duration

Jim claims that his protein is free from nitrogen spiking, a technique where cheap amino acids are added to increase the net protein content but the quality of protein remains poor.

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3. ISO 100 Dymatize

  • Over 12 different flavors
  • Serving size 32 gms
  • Cals 120
  • Protein 25 gms
  • Fat .5 gms
  • Carbs 1 gms

ISO does not contain any artificial color or flavors (natural only), it is sweetened with stevia. It is made with hydrolyzed whey protein for faster digestion and absorption.

The advantage with ISO 100 is that it is made from hydrolyzed whey which has the fastest absorption. So if you are looking for a protein which is almost zero in carbs and made with the finest quality whey and has the fastest absorption, ISO is your protein.

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  • Over 10 different flavors
  • Serving size 47 gms,
  • Cals 200
  • Protein 22 gms
  • Fat 6 gms
  • Carbs 15 gms

Syntha 6 is not just a whey protein supplement, it’s more of a muscle building supplement. It contains not just muscle building amino acids, but also energy giving complex carbs and fats.

Like Pro Jym it also uses a protein blend comprising whey protein concentrate, isolate, micellar casein, milk protein, egg albumin.

If you are looking at a supplement that not only provides protein but quality carbohydrates and fats for strength and recovery, Syntha 6 is your pick.

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5. Nitro Tech

  • Over 10 different flavors
  • Serving size 46 gms,
  • Cals 160
  • Protein 30 gms
  • Fat 2.5 gms
  • Carbs 4 gms

Nitrotech is not just a protein supplement. It is a quality supplement with protein, bcaa, creatine and glutamine. Basically it contains all the things that you would need from different supplements for muscle & strength building plus recovery.

The recommended dose is 2 scoops per day which give you your minimum dosage of creatine, glutamine and bcaa’s as well, along with 60 gms of protein.

Good for people looking for a complete strength-muscle & recovery supplement.

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6 MyProtein Impact whey


  • Over 15 different flavors
  • Serving size 25 gms,
  • Cals 103
  • Protein 21 gms
  • Fat 1.9 gms
  • Carbs 1 gms
  • 3.6 gms Glutamine (Added)

My protein is one of the best whey protein. It is a very lean protein, just 103 cals per serving and 21 gms protein as well.

The quality of my protein supplements is also very good. They have got a very high rating in labdoor tests. 3.6 gms of glutamine is also included.

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7 Animal Whey

  • Over 15 different flavors
  • Serving size 33 gms
  • Cals 125
  • Protein 25 gms
  • Fat 1 gms
  • Carbs 4 gms

Animal protein has been around for years and has been vouched by serious lifters and professional bodybuilders. It is a basic whey protein without any bells and whistles. It tastes good and mix-ability is good, gives solid 25 gms protein per scoop.

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What is whey protein powder?

Whey and casein are the two main proteins found in milk. Whey is fast-absorbing, which provides an immediate supply of amino acids to kick start protein synthesis. Whey protein found in supplement powders is a byproduct of cheese making. They are obtained through many filtration processes to remove casein and other fatty portions from the milk. What remains after the processing is pure whey protein which is later washed and dried into a powder form.
Whey protein provides all the amino acids needed by our body and helps repair and rebuild muscle tissues. Protein is an important macro nutrient for building muscle. It also supports the immune system and the normal functioning of organs. People who can not meet their daily protein requirements can benefit from a dietary form of protein powder. Research shows that whey protein can also decrease appetite and help you control body composition and weight(1).

Types of whey protein

There are the three most common types of whey protein:

Whey Protein Concentrate

Whey concentrate is the most inexpensive and least processed form of whey. It contains 60 to 80 percent protein and the remaining is composed of fat, carbohydrates, lactose, and cholesterol. It is a great protein source unless you are sensitive to lactose.

Whey Protein Isolate

This form of whey protein is filtered even further to remove more fat and carbs. Whey protein isolate powder comprises 90-95% of the protein. Whey isolate is the best whey protein for weight loss and low carbs or low-fat diet.

Whey Protein Hydrolysate

This is considered to be the predigested form of whey protein. In this amino acid bonds are broken down through partial hydrolysis. This allows your body to absorb the protein more quickly. Whey protein hydrolysate contains 99% of protein, which means it’s the purest whey protein. It is more expensive and doesn\’t need much digestion compared to other forms of whey protein.


Best whey protein for beginners 

Optimum nutrition gold whey 

Brand name: Optimum Nutrition 

Serving size: 31g , Calories:120 , Protein: 24g, Carbs: 3g , Fat: 1g

Optimum gold whey protein is the most widely consumed and best selling protein powder available today. It combines three different forms of protein: whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, and whey peptides. 

Each form of whey offers its benefits and makes it a well-rounded protein supplement. When it comes to nutrition, you get 24g of protein, 1g fat, and 3g carbs per serving. It also contains BCAAs and glutamine which aid the growth and maintenance of the muscles. 

An enzymes blend Aminogen is used to improve digestion while lecithin helps this powder dissolve quickly with few shakes. Being in low calories and fat, it is considered to be the best whey protein for weight loss and cutting diet. 

Optimum gold whey is available in some twenty different flavors ranging from chocolate, vanilla, coffee, and more. It is a reliable, inexpensive, and best-tasting whey protein by one of the industry\’s most respected brands. 

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 Dymatize elite whey protein

Brand: Dymatize 

Serving size: 36g

Calories: 140

Protein: 25g

Carbs: 3g

Fat: 2.5g

This protein supplement contains both isolate and concentrate whey along with useful whey peptides. Each serving provides 25g of high protein,2.5g of fat, and 3g of carbs. It also has 5.5g of BCAA (branched-chain amino acids) which includes 2.7g of leucine. Leucine is one of the most effective amino acids that activate protein synthesis. 

The product has no chemically combined flavors and uses natural sweeteners like sucralose and steviol glycosides. It comes in a varied range of flavors including chocolate, vanilla, cupcakes, and strawberry. 

The mixability of the powder is also very good. Dymatize elite whey powder claims are also gluten-free and certified free of drugs. This whey protein powder is best for beginners who want to build muscle and boost exercise performance. 

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Signature 100% whey protein

Brand: Signature
Serving size 34g
Protein 25g
Carbs 3g
Fat 2g
Signature 100% whey protein is another excellent whey protein for beginners. The protein content combines isolate whey(24%), concentrate (52%), and hydrolysate whey(24%).
Per 34g servings, it offers 25g of protein along with 3g carbs and 2g of fat. One downside of this supplement is high cholesterol. 45grams of cholesterol per serving is a high amount for someone monitoring cholesterol levels.
It contains digestive enzymes for easy absorption. With delicious flavors like chocolate, Mocha, and oatmeal cookies, it\’s one of the best-tasting whey proteins on the market.


 Best whey protein for weight loss

Myprotein impact 

Brand: MyProtein 

Serving size 25g

Calories 98

Calories 103

Protein 21g

Carbs 1g

Fat 1.9g

Impact whey is made from premium quality whey protein concentrate and is one of the best whey protein powders. 

Per servings, it offers 21g of high-quality protein and 3.6g of glutamine, and 4.5g of BCAAs. BCAAs have been shown to boost protein synthesis, build muscle and improve glucose metabolism. 

It is very low in carbs and calories, making it the best Best whey protein for weight loss.  Impact whey protein comes in a wide variety of flavors, from natural fruits like mango and strawberry to chocolate brownie. Some of the flavors are reported high in sugar and not so good in taste. Hence, it\’s safe to choose the widely consumed flavor. 

When it comes to mixability, this powder mixes well with water and milk without clumping up. If you are looking for a high-protein powder that is easy on pockets and gets the job done, Myprotein impact whey should be your choice. 

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 Nitro tech ripped 

Brand MuscleTech

Calories 170

Serving size 43g

Protein 30g

Carbs 4g

Fat 4g

Out of all nitro tech variants, this one is the most effective protein powder for weight loss and lean muscle growth. 

It is packed with useful ingredients such as L- carnitine L- tartrate (LCLT). This helps you burn fat and achieve a leaner physique. One 43g serving contains 30g of protein, 3g of carbs, and 4g of fat. It is available in four different flavors and doesn’t give you a chalky taste at all. 

It mixes very well with water and shakes without leaving any clumps. This protein powder can also help boost your energy level. While this product is viewed as a fat-burning protein shake, it can\’t directly melt fat. So take this supplement along with a caloric deficit diet to support your weight loss goal.

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 Combat whey protein powder

Brand MusclePharm

Calories 130

Serving size 33g

Protein 25g

Cards 3g

Fat 1.5g 

This whey protein powder is a blend of whey isolate, whey concentrate, casein, egg, and hydrolysate protein. It also has BCAAs and glutamine that boost muscle growth and increase lean muscle mass. One 33g serving offers 25g of protein, 3g of carbs, and 1.5g of fat. It contains both natural and artificial flavors and soy lecithin that helps the mixability of the powder. Compact whey doesn\’t use digestive enzymes which may concern people with digestive issues. It has a good taste and mixes fine with water and shakes. This is one of the solid and cheap whey proteins to lose weight and gain some lean muscle. 

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 R1 whey protein 

Brand Rule 1

Serving size 30.4g

Calories 110

Protein 25g

Carbs 25

Fat 0.5g

R1 protein has a powerful formula to help the muscle grow and recover faster. It is a blend of whey isolate and whey hydrolysate. One 30.4g serving delivers 25g of protein, 2g of carbs, and 0.5g of fat. It also includes 6g of BCAAs and 4g of glutamine. 

This product claims to be free from gums, amino spiking, and other fillers. It has some natural and artificial flavors along with lecithin and cocoa. It is completely sugar and lactose-free. 

It is available in six flavors and some of them are gluten-free. The powder is easy on the stomach and mixes well only by a few stirs with a spoon. It is one of the best whey proteins to lose weight and build lean muscle mass. 

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Best Whey Protein for Muscle Gain

Syntha 6


Brand: BSN

Serving size: 47g

Calories: 200

Protein: 22g

Carbs: 15g

Fat: 6g

Syntha 6 powder includes isolate and concentrate whey with a blend of various other protein components. It includes micellar casein, egg albumin, glutamine peptides, calcium caseinate, and milk protein isolate. It is one of the best whey protein for muscle gain. The combination of whey and casein offers rapid protein absorption as well as a slow release of protein for a prolonged time. This helps both ways, it gives you a source of protein for faster recovery. It also gives you a source of protein that stays longer in your system and provides amino acids.

Among many beneficial additives, the product also contains energy-boosting complex carbs such as Polydextrose. 

When it comes to micronutrients, each 47g serving provides you with 22g protein, 15g carb, and 6g fat. This product also includes several synthetic additives, added sweeteners, and lecithin to improve mixability and flavor.Unlike other protein supplements in the market, this one is higher in calories, fat, and added carbs. 

Hence, one can consider this not only a protein supplement but also a meal complimentary shake helping you reach your daily macros goal. If you are looking for a low-carb protein supplement to increase lean muscle, I would suggest considering an alternate product. 

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MuscleMeds Carnivor 

Brand MuscleMeds

Serving size 36.4g

Calories 120

Protein 23g

Carbs 8g

Fat 0g

One of the very unique things about this protein powder is that it uses beef protein isolate. Beef protein is full of highly concentrated amino acid profiles and zero fat and sugar. Each serving of this protein powder offers 23g of protein along with 8g of carbs and zero fat. 

This protein powder also has BCAAs and creatine, which boost muscle growth and strength. This protein powder is free of lactose, fat, sugar, and cholesterol. If you are sensitive to dairy products, this powder will suit you best. 

This protein comes in different flavors and mixes well into water and shakes. Some consumers have reported slight bloating 30 mins after taking. But this effect varies from person to person. The powder is sweet and somewhat meaty in taste. If you are looking for a solid protein powder for bulking with no fat and sugar, this is the one.

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Phase8 protein 

Brand MuscleMeds

Calories 150

Serving size 42g

Protein 26g

Carbs 8g

Fat 1.5g

Phase8 protein contains a blend of whey protein concentrate, isolate, and micellar casein. Each of these proteins absorbs at different rates and releases amino acids in the bloodstream for 8 hours after taking it. 

Per serving size, this powder contains 26g of protein, 8g of carbs, and 1.5g of fat. It also contains 5g of glutamine and 5.6g of BCAAs, which is a great addition to your muscle growth. 

This product uses a mix of natural and artificial flavors along with other ingredients including soy lecithin and gum blend. The powder mixes well and has a sweet and slightly chalky taste. One of the advantages of this protein powder is the extended breakdown time of amino acids. This feature makes it a powerful whey protein for bulking. 

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 Animal whey

Brand: Universal Nutrition 

Serving size: 33g

Calories: 125

Protein: 25g

Carbs: 4g

Fat: 1g

Animal whey protein has been around for years and has been vouched by serious lighters for muscle gain. One serving of animal whey protein provides you with 25g of protein while keeping the carbs and fat very low. 

This protein uses an animal whey protein blend, a combination of whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate. The digestive enzyme of papain and bromelain is used to improve digestion and absorption. It also contains lactose and artificial sweetener which may cause bloating in some individuals. If you are extremely sensitive to lactose, you may have trouble digesting it. 

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Pro Jym protein supplement 

Brand: JYM

Serving size 34gms

Calories 140

Protein 24g

Carbs 4g

Fat 2.5g

One of the best things about this protein is that it contains a blend of protein rather than just whey protein. Pro gym protein is made from casein, whey protein isolate, and egg white. Whey isolate gets absorbed quickly while the casein and egg absorb slowly over a few hours. This means you get more muscle protein synthesis for a longer duration. The final breakdown of protein content is 50% casein, 40% whey protein, and 10% egg protein. Due to this blend, Pro gym protein is less likely to cause digestive issues and can be taken anytime. 

It is also free from nitrogen spiking, a technique where companies add cheap amino acids to increase the net protein but the quality remains poor.

Pro Gym protein is slightly priced. But it\’s the best whey protein powder if you are looking for a very high-quality protein that is tasty and can be consumed at any time of the day. 

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Best Whey Protein Isolate


ISO 100 Dymatize protein

Brand: Dymatize
Serving size: 32g
Calories: 120
Protein: 25g
Carbs: 1g
Fat: 0.5g
ISO 100 is made from hydrolyzed isolate whey. This is a form of isolate whey that is broken down with enzymes so that it can quickly be absorbed by your body.
Hydrolyzed is partially pre-digested, meaning your body doesn\’t have to break it down to digest. This makes ISO 100 more effective for post-workout recovery as your muscles get an immediate protein supply.
One study found that those who consumed hydrolyzed whey recovered much quicker than the group that took whey isolate.
Per 32g serving of this powder gives 25g protein, 2g carb, and 0.5g fat. ISO protein is free from artificial colors, flavor, or added digestive enzymes like Aminogen or papain. This makes it best whey protein isolate. Though it contains a small amount of soy lecithin to improve mixability. ISO 100 is available in over 12 different flavors and all dissolves easily with no clumps. Especially the chocolate flavor tastes incredibly delicious even mixed with just water. Due to extra purification labor and rapid absorption properties, you may find ISO 100 a little more expensive than standard isolate whey.



serving size 26g

Calories 90

Protein 20g

Carbs 1g

Fat 0g

ISO Jym contains 100% pure whey isolate with zero fat and no added sugar. One 26g of serving offers 20g of protein, 1g of carbs, and only 90 calories. It delivers the most protein per calorie compared to other powders that use whey concentrate or milk whey isolate. It targets to increase lean muscle mass and recovery time. It is also an excellent protein powder if you follow a low carbs diet for fat loss. ISO Jym is a very high-quality whey isolate protein with great taste and texture. It is also lactose-free and comes in a variety of flavors. 

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 Isopure zero carb protein 

Brand Isopure

Serving size 31g 

Calories 220

Protein 25g

Carbs 0g

Fat 0.5 g

One of the best things about this whey protein isolate that contains zero carbs and only half a gram of fat. With each 32g serving it offers 25g of high-quality isolate whey protein and 4.6g of L glutamine. 

It also includes a huge variety of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, C, B, potassium and calcium, and more. This means each scoop delivers protein and also improves overall health. The powder also contains soy lecithin for mixability and sucralose as a sweetener. The product is free from lactose sugar and gluten. Due to zero carb, it is the best whey protein isolate for a ketogenic or low carb diet. 

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Another variant of IsoPure isolate protein is Natural Isopure protein. This one delivers the same amount of protein with fewer calories (120) and 4g of carbs. Check out here: 


Now whey isolate

Brand: Now Foods
Serving: size 28g.
Calories: 110.
Protein: 25g.
Carbs: ess than .1g
Fat: 0.5g
With 25g of protein and less than 1g of carb per serving, Now whey isolate is an excellent protein powder choice. The protein is more refined than a concentrate, making it lower in carbs, fat, and lactose. It is highly useful when you\’re on a cutting diet with low carbs or following a keto diet.
Now whey isolate also includes a healthy dose of BCCAs and other essential amino acids for muscle growth and recovery. Now whey protein is unflavored and can be easily mixed with water, shakes, or smoothies with minimal taste.


Best whey protein powder 2021


R1 whey protein blend 

Brand Rule 1

Serving size 34g

Calories 120

Protein 24g

Carbs 4g

Fat 0g

R1 whey protein blend is 100% whey protein with a blend of whey concentrate, isolate, and hydrolysates. The mixture of these two proteins offers varied benefits of protein absorption and supports muscle gain and recovery.

It contains zero fat, zero sugar, zero lactose, and zero gluten. This feature makes it one of the best whey protein powders on the market. One serving provides 24g of protein, 1g of carbs, and 0g of fat. It is also packed with EAAs, 5g of BCAAs, and 4g of glutamine. The powder uses natural and artificial flavors along with other ingredients like lecithin and blended gums. It mixes well with water and shakes without leaving any clumps. It is available in some unique flavors including pumpkin spice, frozen banana, and salted caramel. Besides zero lactose, this protein powder is also low in cholesterol. 

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Cellucor COR-Performance whey protein 

Brand Cellucor 

Serving size 34g

Calories 130

Protein 25g

Carbs 4g


This whey protein is a blend of whey isolate and concentrate. This also includes 5.25g of BCAAs in each serving. One scoop delivers 25g of protein, 4g of carbs, and 1gram of fats. The powders have blended gums for texture and mixability. It uses lactase enzyme to break down lactose content which should prevent intolerance. 

It is a little high in salt and cholesterol and also includes artificial sweeteners. The powder tastes great and mixes well with milk and water. It is a tasty and inexpensive protein powder. It even comes out to be a little better when compared to the optimum nutrition gold standard. 

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Nitro tech

Brand: Muscletech

Calories: 160

Serving size: 46g

Calories: 160

Protein: 30g

Carbs: 4g

Fat: 2.5g


Nitro tech is not just a lean protein powder but a complete muscle-building supplement that contains many essential amino acids. This powder uses whey protein isolate protein, whey protein concentrate, and whey peptides. Each scoop nitro tech provides 30g of high-quality protein, 4g of carbs, and 2.5g of fat. In addition, each serving of Nitro tech has 6.8g of BCAAs and 5g of glutamine, and 3g of creatine. Glutamine is shown to reduce muscle soreness while creatine helps in building muscle and strength when combined with resistance training.

If you consume two servings of Nitro tech per day,  this will supply you with 60g of protein along with a minimum dosage of creatine, BCAAs, and glutamine. Nitro tech contains synthetic flavor and artificial sweeteners which makes it taste very sweet.

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Whey Protein Questions

How bad is whey protein for you?

Whey protein is not bad for you. But It may cause digestive distress if you are lactose intolerant or allergic to dairy. In such cases, whey isolate protein or non-dairy whey is a good protein alternative to try. 


Is whey protein a waste of money?

Whey protein is a high-quality protein that is rapidly absorbed and utilized by your body. If you are an athlete, bodybuilder, or someone trying to build muscle and lose fat, investing in a quality whey protein is not a waste of time. 


Is it bad to drink 2 protein shakes a day?

No, drinking 2 protein shakes a day is not bad. Keep in mind the amount of protein present in each shake. 

Will whey protein make me fat?

No, whey protein will not make you fat. Whey protein provides essential amino acids, which are fast absorbing and utilized effectively by the body. Drinking whey protein may help you build muscles, promote weight loss, and reduce body fat. 


Can I drink whey protein without working out?

You can drink whey protein without working as well. Protein is an essential nutrient that contains amino acids needed by your body for various functions. If you are unable to get enough protein from natural food sources, you can add whey protein to your diet.


When should I drink protein shakes to lose weight and gain muscle?

In order to lose weight and gain muscle, Drink protein shakes an hour before a workout and in 30-45min post-workout. Giving your body enough protein after exercise is crucial to heal and recover your muscle from the workout. 


Does protein make you fart?

Protein can cause digestive problems and make you fart if you are lactose intolerant or have certain allergies. To avoid these issues, try other alternatives such as casein protein, pea protein, or other non-dairy protein. 


How much protein do I need a day?

A daily recommended protein intake for an average person is 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. To find out how much protein you need a day, you can multiply your weight in pounds by 0.36 or in gram by 0.8


Does protein cause body odor?

Protein may cause body order because of the metabolic and several purification processes inside your body. While you burn fat during exercise, your body also eliminates toxins and bacteria from your body, which may cause body odor.


Is it hard to digest protein?

Protein is hard to digest compared to the other two macronutrients carbohydrates and fats. It contains the most complex molecules which take extra time and energy to break down and get absorbed by your body.  


Which protein digests the fastest?

Whey protein is the fastest to digest. Whey protein is a byproduct of cheese making and produced by removing casein and other ingredients from milk. 


How can I absorb protein faster?

Insufficient digestive enzymes can be one reason for slow protein absorption. In order to absorb protein faster, time your meal properly and include salad before the meal. Eating enough carbs before an intense training session helps you absorb protein faster after the workout. 


What protein is best?

Whey protein isolate is considered to be the best protein. It is a highly concentrated whey protein that contains 90% of protein. Due to the several filtration processes, it is very low on lactose and fat. 


Is whey protein the best?

Whey protein is the best and high quality protein. It absorbs quickly and breaks down essential amino acids needed for muscle recovery and growth. There are different forms of whey protein such as whey concentrate, whey isolate, and whey hydrolysate


Do I need protein powder?

Protein powder is an excellent supplement consumed by athletes and bodybuilders to lose fat and build muscle. You may need protein powder if you are not able to meet your daily protein requirement through your diet. 


Should I drink a protein shake before or after a workout?

Drink a protein shake within 30-45 min after a workout to recover your muscles from the exercise. You can also drink a protein shake before the workout as well to prevent muscle damage.


How many protein shakes a day should you drink?

In general, you should drink 1-2 protein shakes a day. The number of protein shakes also depends on how much protein is there in each shake. If you take protein shake as a meal replacement, you can drink more than 2 shakes a day depending on your nutritional needs. 


Does protein have any side effects?

Protein powder is safe for most people. However, a high dose of protein can have some side effects such as bloating, cramp, nausea, vomiting, digestive issues, and fatigue. 


Does protein powder affect sperm?

No, Protein powder does not affect sperm. Many research and studies suggest that protein powder does not have any negative impact on sperm or fertility. 


What is the best cheap whey protein?

Few best cheap whey proteins are impact whey protein, GNC 100% whey, and On gold standard whey protein


Who should not take whey?

People with lactose intolerance or dairy allergies should not take whey protein. It may cause digestive issues such as bloating. People with kidney disease are recommended to check with their doctors before consuming whey protein.


Is whey protein bad for the liver?

There is no direct link of whey protein to liver damage. However, it is recommended to consult your doctor if you are having any liver issues.


Do protein shakes damage kidneys?

Drinking whey protein is  totally safe for healthy individuals. But whey protein shake can further damage the kidney if you already have any kidney disease. Hence,  check with your doctor before taking whey.

A quick guide for buying the best whey protein powder

Choose one that suits your goal

 What is the best whey protein? The answer will vary depending on what result you are seeking from your protein powder. For weight gain, consider protein powder high in protein, carbs, and calories. Whereas the best whey protein for weight loss should be higher in protein and lower in carbs and fat. 


Type of protein powder

whey protein powder contains one of a blend of three kinds of protein- concentrate, isolate, and hydrolysate. Each protein has its own benefits and disadvantages. Whey concentrate is cheaper and least processed; whey isolate is higher on protein content and has fewer fat and carbs; hydrolyzed whey is known for fast digestion and lower digestive upset.


Food intolerance and sensitives

If you have sensitivity or intolerance to certain foods, you should avoid powders containing those ingredients. Concentrate whey contains lactose. Hence, it\’s not the best whey protein for those who are lactose intolerant.  If you are prone to digestive issues, consider whey isolate or hydrolysate.

You are likely to find lecithin made from soy or sunflower to improve the mutability. Lecithin is totally safe unless you have an allergy or insensitivity. Research has found that soy ingestion doesn\’t have any link to reduced testosterone. 


Artificial sweeteners 

Whey protein powders include some types of natural or artificial sweeteners. Sucralose, acesulfame potassium, and aspartame are some common artificial and non-nutritive ingredients found in powders. Though they are widely known to be safe, FDA (Food and Drug Administration) recommends not to consume more than 15 milligrams per day. Check the ingredients label if you wish to avoid all non-nutrient sweeteners. For overall health benefits and fat loss,  choose a protein powder that has less than 5 grams of sugar content. 

Taste and flavor 

Choose a protein powder that is enjoyable in taste and can be consumed consistently. There are endless options available for the best-tasting whey protein with natural and artificial flavor. If you are sensitive to artificial flavors,  look for a protein powder made with natural flavor. You can also go with unflavoured protein powder as they blend well with other flavorful ingredients. 


Do let us know which is the best whey protein in your opinion!

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