Listen to the gurus, but use your head

A few days back I got a message from an old friend of mine, who is also a professional bodybuilder.

Me: Hey bro, how\’s it going?

Buddy: Good Bro! I gotta tell you, there is this crazy new stuff I am trying, that’s a secret to stay lean while bulking

Me: Aha! Awesome!! Tell me the secret!!

Buddy: Bro, I’ve stopped taking carbs after a workout and reduced protein consumption as well. I just take some BCAA.

Me: What? Why would you do that?!?

Buddy: I saw this youtube video, where this guru says that carbs intake post workout blunts growth hormone production. Also, he says more growth hormone means more fat burning!

Me: Okay, so how long have u been following it and has it helped you in any way, like gaining size or getting leaner?

Buddy: (long sigh..) Nah, Bro!! I\’m following it for a month now. I look the same, although feel like shit after workouts! My body shivers and I just sleep! Sometimes I get mild headaches as well.

It is true that intense exercise and heavy lifting does significantly increase the growth hormone (HGH) levels.

However, you don’t have to wait for an hour-long workout to see the HGH magic. Research has shown that the body starts releasing HGH within 10 mins of intense exercise.

Thus you are already burning a lot of fat during the workout session. Common sense huh..!

Too often the so-called gurus will pick random studies and blow them out of proportion.

The point is, don\’t just pick random studies out of context! See what\’s working for you and stick to it!


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