Desperation kills fat loss

What happens when you begin your fat loss journey?

Everything looks like a happy day scenario.

You meticulously plan your calories, your carbs, proteins, fats.

You plan your workouts, numbers of days, body splits, exercises, sets, reps, rest period.

Heck, you are ready to kill it!!!

It all looks well and you get good results for the first 2-3 weeks. And then it starts to slow down.
You wonder what\’s happening, why are you not getting results!?!

Then you decide to add more cardio to it and sure you lose some weight.

A couple of weeks later, you are stuck again.

Now you\’ve got it, it\’s not the workout it\’s the diet. You decide to cut back on carbs.

\”I am going full keto. The road to ripped!!\”

And sure you lose another few kilos, but at the same time you feel sick, it looks like you\’ve never been to the gym in your life.

NO!! Keto is wrong! I should have done intermittent fasting!

And then you begin a new diet, two weeks later, you\’ve gained some weight and strength (because of the carbs), but you are hungry all day and dreaming food all the time. Somebody forgot to tell you that fasting 16-20 hours a day is not very pleasant.

Then you think all these diet plans suck, I am going back to my old diet plan and be more disciplined with it.

And the circle of frustration goes on!!!

What actually happened is your body followed your trail, as you keep cutting carbs and calories, your body kept dropping your metabolism and hormones, to the point where you just don\’t have anywhere to go.

If you do not want to deal with this frustration, then you need to understand how your metabolism works, how to keep it elevated during fat loss.

How to maintain your baseline strength levels even while you are cutting so you don\’t lose muscle.

You need to understand the fundamentals of fat loss diet, so you don\’t have to hop from diet plan to plan. You start with one and keep tunning it along with your fat loss journey.

And if you don\’t want to learn all this, but get the results, then you can go right here and start your transformation journey.

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