Bodybuilders are the last person you should take advice from

Preview: Am I out of my mind, you will know as you read on.

When I was competing for the first time, I was like a machine! Yeah! The terminator types!

Eating 8 meals a day.

Working out twice a day.

Not afraid to do additional cardio at times.

Taking all the pills and supplements.

My discipline and commitment was 200%!

And yeah, I had the copy of Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding by Arnold all the time with me.

This Robotic attitude is very common amongst bodybuilders but many years later as I moved into coaching and consulting I noticed something totally different.

Common people (non bodybuilders) have a life!

They do have a job.

Have other important priorities in their life.

They simply does not have that level of determination.

And most importantly, they Do Not want to look like bodybuilder! Just want to get a nice and lean physique!

All these things made me change my philosophy of training and nutrition.

I now look for efficiency, maximum results with minimum efforts.

Of course you would still require that level of fire within you to look like a bodybuilder but you can get a very lean and muscular physique by far less effort and smart work, which I teach in my 6 months to SuperHero program.


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